This article is about the servant in a player-owned house. For the former random event, see Rick Turpentine.
Not to be confused with Rock.
Rick chathead

Rick is a servant that players with at least level 20 Construction can hire to do various services in their player-owned house. Rick has the lowest wage at 500 coins (375 coins after the completion of Love Story). Players must pay him the wage every eight uses of his services. Rick has inventory space for 6 items and a trip time of 60 seconds.


Players can hire Rick at the Servants' Guild, which is located north of the marketplace in East Ardougne. All six servants wander inside the building except for the servant you have hired (if any). Before hiring any servant, the player must meet three requirements:

  1. The player must have the required Construction level.
  2. The player's house must have at least two bedrooms with beds constructed in each one. If one of the beds is removed, then the servant will not become present again until the bed is rebuilt and the player exits and re-enters the house.
  3. The player must not have a servant already hired. If you want to switch servants, you must fire your current servant by talking to him in your house before going to the Servants' Guild.


The services provided by servants can be cosmetic or vital resources for training Construction efficiently. Actions marked with an (*) count as one service before payment is required. Rick can:

  • Be summoned via the bell pull in the dining room or the Call Butler button on the House Settings interface.
  • Follow the player like a familiar even in building mode.
  • Greet visiting players as they enter the house.
  • Lead visiting players to the owner if the owner is in another room.
  • Lead visiting players outside.
  • Serve tea to the owner.
  • Serve drinks from the barrel to the owner and the visiting players.
  • Serve shrimps to the owner and the visiting players provided the player has a dining room with a table and a kitchen with the necessary supplies*.
  • Fetch building materials from the bank*.
  • Take building materials to the bank*.
  • Un-note noted items (excluding bones and ashes)*.

Rick cannot:



  • While talking with Rick, the player can find out that he doesn't go to the sawmill because he doesn't know where it is. In addition Rick says he has had a job with a rat catcher (cooking rats) and there is a rumour going that he has worked for Bravek in West Ardougne, even though he just says he made a hangover cure for him.
  • His scruffy appearance and examine text would seem to suggest that he is based on the character Baldrick from the BBC comedy series Blackadder.
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