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Ring of rares was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Ring of rares detail

The Ring of rares was an item obtained during the 2018 April Fools' event. Partyhats in all six colours would spawn continuously in certain locations and if a player tried to pick one up they would be met with the message, and would be given the ring:

You cast the partyhat aside and pick up a precious ring you find underneath it instead.

Players may not have more than one ring at any time. Attempting to pick one up with another in their inventory would give the message:

You don't feel like picking it up.

Losing a ring made it possible to find another by picking up a partyhat again.

The ring would allow the player to turn into various old holiday items by attempting to wear it. These include:

There is a chance of obtaining the ring of random when selecting a rare with the ring of rares. (Actual morphing is not needed; for example entering the partyhat colour selection is enough.) This does not usually take more than 10 attempts of using the ring of rares.

Attempting to wear a ring of rares after 00:00 UTC 2 April 2018 produced the following message:

The ring slips from your grasp and rolls away, never to be seen again.

All ring of rares and ring of randoms were then removed from the bank and inventory.



Mod Osborne is intending to bring back the Ring of rares and Ring of random annually. [1]

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