Ring of slaying detail

The ring of slaying can be used to teleport players to four Slayer destinations and to contact Slayer Masters. Players obtain the ring from slayer masters using Slayer points, which players earn by completing multiple Slayer assignments. Players can purchase these rings, at a cost of 75 points per ring, as well as "purchasing the knowledge" of how to craft the rings at a one-time cost of 300 points.

The ring can be used to invite other players to a Social Slayer task by using the ring on the potential slayer partner. This can speed up tasks, but drops and experience aren't shared. Both players must be on the same task or one must not be on a task.

Making a ring requires level 75 Crafting, an enchanted gem (which can be purchased for one coin from any Slayer Master), and a gold bar. Making a ring yields 15 Crafting experience, the same as an ordinary gold ring. The assist system will work (for the Crafting level, the player making them must have unlocked the knowledge). Boosts will also work.

The ring can be compacted with a teleportation compactor to create a ring of slaying (c). Players may also add up to 5 rings of slaying to their slayer helmet after purchasing the ability to do so for 500 slayer points. This allows the slayer helmet to teleport to the same locations as the ring.

Combat Stats
NoneRing slotDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses


Ring of slaying (8) Ring of slaying
Crafting-Make-X GE icon
15 XP--
Crafting Crafting level75
Unlock the ability to craft rings of slaying from a slayer master
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Enchanted gemEnchanted gem1N/A-
Gold barGold bar11,1681,168


Players can also use the ring to contact slayer masters by right clicking it. It functions exactly as a normal enchanted gem in that players cannot get another task, and may only inquire about their current task. The ring also allows players to check their current Slayer points. This action does not use up any charges. Slayer rings do not provide any combat bonuses.

As an alternative to the ring of slaying, one can activate a "Slayer counter" in the Interface settings (subsection interface options). The counter is a small rectangle which shows the number of kills left in the current task, and shows the kind of monster when moused-over. Moreover, Quick Chat provides an option to check current Slayer points. One way to do this is to search "slayer points" in Quick Chat. You can also put your slayer points as favourite on your currency pouch, making it easy to check at any time.

Each ring has 8 charges, and when they are depleted, players are left with an enchanted gem. At current Grand Exchange prices, each charge costs only 146.13 coins, assuming that the gold bar is purchased on the Grand Exchange and the enchanted gem is purchased from a Slayer Master (and neglecting the cost of crafting). This low cost per charge makes the slayer ring many times less expensive than any teleport spell. The rings will teleport players to any of the locations displayed below.

Players are able to obtain roughly 1100 rings a day due to the limitation of the availability of enchanted gems. Enchanted gems can be obtained from any slayer master (300 individual gems and 5 packs of 50 noted gems) as well as the slayer masters Turael and Spria and the Slayer skill tutor Jacquelyn Manslaughter in Taverley who share a stock of 300 individual gems and 5 packs of 50 noted gems separate from the other slayer masters. The stock of slayer gems takes about 24 hours to fully restock.

Destination Details
Sumona Players arrive directly in Sumona's house in Pollnivneach. This makes for easy access to the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon and the Pollnivneach player-owned house portal.
Slayer Tower Players will arrive just outside the main door on the ground floor. Players can use this for fast access to Canifis and its nearby mushroom patch.
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Players arrive just outside the entrance to the dungeon. This destination is notable because it is one of the closest possible teleports to a fairy ring.
Tarn's Lair Players arrive in an empty room next to terror dogs. Requires completion of Haunted Mine quest.


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  • Prior to 9 November 2009, the slayer ring would occasionally display the wrong Slayer Master's chathead when players used it.
  • Originally, checking the progress of a slayer task required a lengthy conversation with the Slayer Master, which was impossible to do during combat. This was changed on 17 November 2009 to a single-click check, though this still stops the fight if the player has Auto Retaliate off.
  • Although the enchanted gem used in the ring is light blue, the gem in the ring is purple.
  • When a ring is bought from a slayer master, the chatbox says: "Here's your ring. Use it wisely."
  • When the final charge on the ring is used, the chatbox says: "The ring collapses into a Slayer gem, which you stow in your pack."
  • All players used to be able to teleport to Tarn's Lair, regardless of whether they had killed Tarn or not, but this was changed on 28 November 2011.
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