For the Slayer monster, see Ripper Demon.
Ripper concept art

Artwork of The Ripper, a ripper demon

Elite Mobs concept art - Ripper demon

Concept art for an elite Ripper Demon

Ripper demons are very powerful and agile Chthonian demons, which use their long claws to tear the victim into pieces. They came to Gielinor in the Second Age and initially served the God Zaros. After Zamorak defeated him, however, many of them joined his side and proved to be very important followers. However, during at least the early part of the Third Age, a number of these demons remained loyal to the Empty Lord, actively hunting those who betrayed their master.[1]

During the Second Age, a pack of them attacked Flamtaer, a small village for unknown reasons. Torva, who was an inhabitant of the village, single-handedly defeated them. This made the Mahjarrat Hazeel angry enough that the Mahjarrat decided to fight Torva himself. Torva showed no fear and prepared to fight Hazeel; however, Nex, knowing that Torva would lose the battle, intervened and took Torva under her wing.[2]

Early in the Third Age, the ripper demons who continued to follow Zaros were responsible for hunting down and killing two of the last five Dragon Riders, Balustan and Ablenkian, who, despite their allegiance to the Empty Lord, were branded traitors by his remaining followers.[1]

During the God Wars, the Zamorakian ripper demons were tasked to kill important individuals of other armies. "The Ripper" was among the most important of them. He killed Sergeant Mazakon, an Icyene commander of Saradomin, and Elder Tasgall, the leader of a Saradominist village; Saint Elspeth, an important recruiter who sang beautiful songs to inspire Saradominists to join Saradomin's army; and many other important targets. In the story The Song From Before The War, the death of The Ripper and Saint Elspeth is told. It also mentions notable Saradominists such as Commander Zilyana.[3]

Today, ripper demons still exist and can be summoned by occultists; one possible Player-owned ports mission involves defending an island in the Eastern Lands from a pack of rippers summoned in this way.

Ripper Demons were released in-game on 9 November 2015 as Slayer monsters. They drop ripper claws and their off-hand counterparts as weapons.


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