River Dougne waterfall

The River Dougne going underground near Jiggig

River Dougne map

The River Dougne

The River Dougne is the longest river in RuneScape and runs through Kandarin, a members-only kingdom. The city of Ardougne is named after this river, which begins at Baxtorian Falls.


By bridge

By Agility

  • Log balance in East Ardougne (requires 33 Agility)

Fishing spots

The river has many Fishing spots along it. These are:


  • As Ardougne, the major city on the River Dougne, is pronounced "Arr-doyn", the river itself is most likely pronounced as "Doyn".
  • Before the Castle Wars update, there was a small section of the river that connected to the stream that lead into the cave below Castle Wars, effectively making the entrance an island. This was removed in a hidden update, most likely making access to Castle Wars much quicker.
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