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River Lum map

A map of the River Lum

The River Lum is a river flowing through mostly Misthalin and the Wilderness, moving north-to-south. It is the longest river in Free-to-play, and the second longest river in RuneScape. Its source is in the Wilderness, north of the Wilderness Volcano. It runs as an underground stream until it emerges just north of the Wilderness border. It filters out to the sea on the Misthalinian-Kharidian border. The town of Lumbridge is named after the river. The river serves as a water and fishing source for the four settlements along its path - Lumbridge, Gunnarsgrunn, Edgeville and Al Kharid.

Travelling the river

River Lum (End)

The end of the River Lum

Travelling up the river rather than across is possible by using canoes. It is also possible to travel to level 46 Wilderness, though the river is not visible there.

Fishing spots

The River Lum has some important fishing spots in several locations. There are several fly and bait fishing spots in Lumbridge, and Gunnarsgrunn along the river. These are the only places in free play to catch raw salmon, trout, or pike. Other available fish include raw crayfish, shrimp, anchovies, herring and rainbow fish.


A hidey-hole for a 2-way grapple shortcut from Lumbridge Swamp to Al Kharid is located south of the Lumbridge cemetery along the western bank of the River Lum. It appears as a "convenient rock" near a "strong tree" and is located where the shortcut is indicated on the minimap. The hidey-hole is a buildable storage spot used to store a crossbow and grapple, eliminating the need to carry a crossbow and grapple for the shortcut. The hidey-hole can be constructed at level 47 Construction by using 4 oak planks, a steel crossbow, and a mithril grapple. Using the shortcut requires levels 8 Agility, 37 Ranged, and 19 Strength.

When a jetty providing boat transportation to Daemonheim was added south of the hidey-hole, it also provided a bridge to the west gate of Al Kharid. This update eliminated the need for the grapple shortcut but it is still found in game; using it unlocks the achievement A Bridge Not Far.



  • The River Lum's name is just like a river in Cambridge, near Jagex HQ, called the River Cam.
  • There are seven bridges over the River Lum. They are: south Lumbridge - south Al Kharid (doubles as the Daemonheim boat dock), Lumbridge castle - east Lumbridge goblins, Lumbridge furnace - east Lumbridge farm, Beefy Bill - Champions' Guild, Draynor Manor - Varrock south-west mine, Gunnarsgrunn - Varrock, and Edgeville - Grand Exchange tunnel.
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