Gilly Willikers chathead
Rixie only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
Rixie chathead

Rixie was an NPC who runs the cosmetic override rewards shop as part of the Spring Fayre.

He was located in the southern end of the Lumbridge Crater, next to the Big Chinchompa portal.

He could give the players more information about the portal tents, as he was in charge of working out how many they require for the Fayre. He claimed they were made for them by a wizard long ago, and that they have never had any problems with them; they just calibrate themselves when they're set up in any location. He seemed particularly in awe of them, commenting that they're "incredible to watch".


Reward Cost (Fayre Tickets) (2017) Cost (RuneCoins) (2018)
Easter egg hat token Easter egg hat token N/A 55
Easter egg follower pet token Easter egg follower pet token N/A 660
Zoltan plushie token Zoltan plushie N/A 594
Fish in a bag token Fish in a bag token N/A 660
Hook-a-duck flail token Hook-a-duck flail token N/A 275
Face paint token Face paint token N/A 330
Dizzy stick token Dizzy stick token N/A 495
Dizzy stick teleport token Dizzy stick teleport token N/A 330
Pickaxe hat token Pickaxe hat token 100 49
Crystal ball token Crystal ball token 100 49
Fortune cape token Fortune cape token 500 247
Mallet token Mallet token 900 445
Hypnotic parasol token Hypnotic parasol token 1,100 544
Zoltan pet token Zoltan pet token 1,200 594
Fortune teller outfit token Fortune teller outfit token N/A 350
Menowin outfit token Menowin outfit token N/A 350
Venturer outfit token Venturer outfit token N/A 350
Dancer outfit token Dancer outfit token N/A 350