Robert's Library

Robert the Strong's library is a library created by Robert the Strong in Burthorpe hidden under the rug on the ground floor of Unferth's home. It is uncovered by the player during One of a Kind and contains Robert's studies. It is also where he kept Hannibus while he was trying to find a way to reanimate him.

The player can read, but not obtain, The Young Robert, Animate rock notes and Flight of the Dragonkin here. They can also reobtain the Dragonkin Primer and the iron oxide, needed to make the animate rock scroll here. Contemplation is unlocked upon first entering.

The library contains a desk, a pet basket, dozens of bookcases, shelves with scrolls, armour stands and weapon racks, a globe, loose papers, locked chests and crates, a map book and several Dragonkin artefacts from Brimhaven Dungeon and Kethsi.

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