Robes of subjugation set detail

A robes of subjugation set is a set consisting of a hood, garb, gown, boots, gloves and ward of subjugation. It can be exchanged at a Grand Exchange clerk to receive all of the pieces or to put all of the pieces back into the set.

Components, bonuses and prices

Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy each item individually.

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Hood of subjugationHood of subjugation25901--171,548,347
Garb of subjugationGarb of subjugation29802--264,914,008
Gown of subjugationGown of subjugation28501--224,160,341
Gloves of subjugationGloves of subjugation6401--111,616,060
Boots of subjugationBoots of subjugation6401--111,974,599
Ward of subjugationWard of subjugation297351---1,372,307

Item shards are obtained from certain monsters while having CoinShare on. When a rare drop is given by the monster, 120 item shards are divided up among the involved players and sent to their banks. 120 shards can then be combined to give the original item.

Icon Shard Price x120 Total
Hood of subjugation shard Hood of subjugation shard 1,622 194,640
Garb of subjugation shard Garb of subjugation shard 23,038 2,764,560
Gown of subjugation shard Gown of subjugation shard 33,378 4,005,360
Ward of subjugation shard Ward of subjugation shard 218 26,160

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