Rock (Stealing Creation)
Rock (class 3)
Release date 11 November 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest no
Location Stealing Creation
Examine You can see veins of sacred clay in the rock.
Depleted: All the sacred clay has been mined from this rock.

Rocks are one type of place in the Stealing Creation minigame where players can gather resources of sacred clay. A player needs a specific Mining level and a clay pickaxe obtained during the game to obtain clay from this object:

  • Level 2 clay requires 20 Mining.
  • Level 3 clay requires 40 Mining.
  • Level 4 clay requires 60 Mining.
  • Level 5 clay requires 80 Mining.

You will obtain clay faster at 10 levels over the required level. For example, level 2 clay is obtained faster at 30 Mining.

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