This article is about The reward for Cryptic Clue Fest III. For quest item, see Rock fragments.
For interactive scenery in Runespan, see Rock fragment (Runespan).
Rock fragment detail

The rock fragment was one of the rewards given by Avalani for completing Cryptic Clue Fest III, and Cryptic Clue Fest IV, along with Avalani's hat, Avalani's robe top, and Avalani's robe bottoms.

It has only one function, "Chicken"; this causes a chicken to fall from the sky. Chickens summoned in this matter are similar to the ones that occurred near Avalani during the event.

Players can only have one chicken fall at a time. When it has disappeared they can summon another. If attempting to call another chicken while the first is still active, a message in the chatbox will say: "Only one chicken at a time...".

Rock fragment chicken option

The chicken being summoned.

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