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A rock hammer is slayer equipment that is required to kill gargoyles. While damage can be done to them with a regular weapon at 75 Slayer, the hammer must be used on gargoyles to finish them off when they have 1,005 life points or less left unless the player has unlocked quick kills. Delivering killing blows quicker means that you no longer need to use an item on specific slayer monsters to kill them; merely having the rock hammer in one's inventory or tool belt is enough. They will die like normal monsters once they hit 0 life points. Rock hammers cannot be wielded.

Players can buy a rock hammer from the Grand Exchange or from Slayer Masters for 500 coins.

Despite the fact that the examine information says it can smash stone, it cannot be used to mine ore or do anything besides slay gargoyles.

This item was used to scam players, as it resembles the granite maul.

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