Ogre Enclave crystal

The Rock of Dalgroth

The mysterious Rock of Dalgroth stands in the middle of the Ogre Enclave. Here players can mine the fourth crystal needed in the Watchtower quest. The enclave is filled with high levelled blue dragons, greater demons, and ogres, so players must be cautious while inside.

In the quest, players must bring a pickaxe and a potion used to kill the ogre shamans, in order to mine the rock. You can also Prospect the rock to check for ore, however all that appears on screen is "The rock contains a crystal!" (before completing the Watchtower quest) or "The rock has a gap in which the crystal used to sit." (after the Watchtower quest). After the quest has been completed, the rock no longer serves any purpose.

Level 40 Mining is required to mine the rock, but stat-boosts like spicy stew can be used to temporarily raise your mining level.

The rock is named after Dalgroth, an ogre warrior, suggesting he has some form of association with the rock.

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