Mining rocks (level)

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Mining and Smithing beta rocks


  • Rock (Castle Wars), ammunition for the catapult in Castle Wars
  • Rock (dungeoneering), a building material used in the damaged bridge puzzle room in dungeoneering
  • Rock (elemental), an item gained whilst mining elemental ore or found during Underground Pass, or in the barrels in the Kharazi Dungeon
  • Rock (limestone), an item that is created when the player fails to create a Limestone brick
  • Rock (Mogre Camp), an item used to make you heavier before entering the Mudskipper or Crab enclosures. Also used in In Aid of The Myreque
  • Rock (The Firemaker's Curse), a quest item used in a puzzle in The Firemaker's Curse
  • Rock (Tourist Trap), an item players are forced to mine 15 of if caught by a guard during Tourist Trap
  • A rock, a quest item used during In Aid of the Myreque
  • Big rock, an item used in the King of the Dwarves quest
  • Pet rock, a pet obtained during and after The Fremennik Trials quest, which can act as a pet
  • Rock cake, an ogre delicacy which damages players when eaten
  • Strange rock, an item found while training non-combat skills
  • Golden rock, an item used to complete the Statue of Rhiannon
  • Muddy rock, an item found in the Mountain Camp


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