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The Rocky pet is an item that can be found while training Mining. It can be inspected to unlock the Rocky pet, and the item is destroyed permanently in this process. Rocky pet can be obtained by mining essence, ores, normal, red and crystal-flecked sandstone, Seren stones, Lava Flow, crystal formations, and crablets.

When a player obtains the pet, they receive one of the following messages:

While skilling, you find Rocky, the Mining pet. It has been added to your inventory.

While skilling, you find Rocky, the Mining pet. However, you do not have enough inventory space, so it has been sent to your bank.

When inspecting it, the following message is shown: "Congratulations! You have unlocked the pet: Rocky"

In a purely mathematical format your chance of receiving a pet on any particular action is


  • is the amount of game ticks taken per action
  • is the virtual skill level. At 200 million experience, a flat bonus of 50 is applied to this value