The Rocnar.

Rocnars are large level 70 beasts that are put in oubliettes to "execute" players.

The rocnar looks like a big one-eyed green ork with two long fingers on each hand. Although they require a higher Construction level to install than flame pits, a flame pit is more popular. This is due to the fact rocnars aren't very accurate in their attacks and can be prayed against, and they can be killed quickly by multiple players in the cage. As a saw is not required to 'build' a rocnar, the bonus from the crystal saw will not work.


  • It seems like the rocnar is based off the Star Wars creature, the Rancor, for a few reasons:
    • When the trap door in a player owned house is opened the player will fall into a pit and be eaten by the rocnar, just like in the Jabba's palace scene in Return of the Jedi, when Jabba opens up the trap door to feed Luke Skywalker and (earlier) a Twi'lek named Oola to the Rancor.
    • Their name sounds similar to Rancor and is the same word spelled backwards.
    • It has a similar look, with a muscular body, open mouth and long fingers on each hand.
  • A rocnar answered a question in Postbag 10.
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