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Roddeck Placehold is an elderly resident of Lumbridge, found in the building directly north of the musician. He tried to raise a dragon named Sottlepot, but it got out of control and was supposedly killed by Sir Vant of Falador and an adventurer.

With his modest personality it's easy to forget that Roddeck almost brought terrible ruin to Lumbridge by keeping a pet dragon. Whether he is mending his ways or simply being an eccentric busybody, Roddeck is interesting to talk to and a good source of advice.

Roddecks House

Roddeck's house

He was the leader of the mysterious group that ran the Cryptic Clue Fest for Thanksgiving 2009. He states that he "had too much time on his hands" and devised a series of clues for adventurers to follow. The "links in the chain" were caused by other NPCs reading his notes, has was forced to enlighten them on his plot.

After completion of the Cryptic Clue Fest III in July 2011, he will also give you the rewards for Cryptic Clue Fest II if it was not completed the previous year. He will also give you his rewards after Cryptic Clue Fest IV.

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  • He was one of the first NPCs to be given a voice, although he was only voice acted during the now discontinued quest Unstable Foundations.
  • Roddeck used to give advice via the Advisor System and could be contacted from anywhere by clicking on a "question mark" button at the upper-right corner of the screen, his advice was mainly for beginners such as explaining how logs can be burned.
  • Roddeck's surname "Placehold" is a pun on the fact that his model is used to test if tiles are walkable or not by Jagex.
  • He has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard which reads "Roddeck Placehold. A cane and pipe was picked out of a red dragon's teeth."
Roddeck artwork

Artwork of Roddeck

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