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Roger chathead
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Roger is a NPC from the Meeting History quest. He is married to Laura. Together they have two children: a son named Jack and a daughter named Sarah.

Past A

In "Past A", Roger asks an adventurer to help his baby daughter, Sarah, who is suffering a mysterious illness. After curing his daughter, Roger happily narrates a story about how humans arrived on RuneScape through the Portal of Life.

Past B

In "Past B", Roger is pictured as being old.

After Meeting History

If you did not finish the part of the Meeting History quest, where you cure Baby Sarah, and returned to Past B to talk to him, he will carry on about a baby crying how he likes rabbits (because they don't cry); apparently driven mad by Sara's constant tears. At the end of the dialogue he will remark on how he recognises the player's face, but can't remember from where.


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