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Rogue (Varrock) chathead

The Rogue is a non-player character that players first encounter by completing the quest Summer's End. To find him, players must enter the Spirit Realm using Jennica's ring via the portal located in the Rogues' Castle courtyard and close the prison doors there; this will open them in the "real" world, allowing the players to talk to him.

After a brief dialogue, the rogue will sneak back to Varrock, where players can use un-enchanted jewellery on him in order to sell to him.

Theft and escape

The rogue was once a part of the group of rogues in Rogue's Castle. However, the other rogues discovered the gold that they had stolen was missing. This rogue argued that he did not steal it; however, the others didn't believe him and locked him in a jail cell. Fortunately for the rogue, an adventurer (the player) decided to break him out. However, the jail cell doors were locked and the only way to unlock them is to close them in the Spirit Realm - the exact opposite happens in the real world. After unlocking the doors, the rogue thanks the player for helping him break out and escapes to Varrock.


  • All items are bought at the low-alch prices. He will accept any jewellery, both in noted and unnoted form, for the same prices.
  • He will not take onyx jewellery.
  • Note that the Rogue can purchase items in noted form, but only up to 10,000 at a time. Any more than 10,000 will result in the Rogue saying that big numbers make his head hurt.
Gemstone Low alch GE price
Gold 140 1,207
Sapphire 360 1,948
Emerald 510 3,438
Ruby 810 2,938
Diamond 1,410 4,714
Dragonstone 7,050 9,215
Gold 180 987
Sapphire 420 2,282
Emerald 570 4,068
Ruby 870 3,202
Diamond 1,470 5,922
Dragonstone 7,350 9,682
Gold 220 617
Sapphire 425 1,586
Emerald 610 1,648
Ruby 930 2,423
Diamond 1,530 3,661
Dragonstone 7,650 10,057
Amulets (strung only)
Gold amulet 140 901
Sapphire 360 2,120
Emerald 510 3,800
Ruby 810 3,893
Diamond 1,530 5,610
Dragonstone 7,050 10,928


Required for completing

Freeing the Rogue is a requirement for the following:


  • Although you must be a member who has completed the quest Summer's End to free the Rogue, if you have freed him then he can still be found in free-to-play worlds and will still buy your jewellery, even if you are a non-member.
  • He used to buy gold jewellery for GE minimum, but with the system update that released Dungeoneering on 12 April 2010, this was changed to low alchemy price.
  • If the player is carrying 100 million (or more) coins and attempts to sell jewellery to the rogue, he will say "You've got enough money as it is. It usually doesn't bother me, but now you're being absurd."
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