Rommik chathead

Rommik is an craftsman who runs the Rommik's Crafty Supplies store in Rimmington. Rommik has brown hair with a brown beard and wears an apron. He has a slight role in the quest, A Void Dance.

An anagram clue in a medium trail features Rommik, under the guise of Im Krom. He will issue the player a challenge scroll, to which the answer is 7.


  • He has the same examine text as Dommik.
  • Rommik plays a small role in the RuneScape novels in which he was a crafting tutor for one of the main characters, Castimir, who accidentally sets fire to the shop and destroys many items while trying to craft some objects, which caused Rommik to hold a grudge against Castimir.
  • He features in one of Meg's cases.
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