Nigel is a small rooster who lives on Falador Farm. Unlike other roosters, he cannot be attacked, and can often be found sitting perched atop a crate. Although he is rather small in comparison to other chickens due to an illness,[1] this seems not to hinder him, as he apparently rules over the other chickens on his farm.

The Evil Chicken knows of Nigel, claiming that he is an imbecile and no friend of his. They have played cards together in the past, and according to the Evil Chicken, Nigel often cheats during these games.[2]


  • Nigel was originally the same size as other chickens, but when chickens were graphically updated on the 12 March 2013, he was reduced in size due to a bug. As a result of this, he gained popularity among players, and Jagex decided to keep him this way, similarly to Pigzilla.


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