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{{Arc Berries}}
{{Arc Berries}}
[[pt:Semente de rosamora]]

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Rosaberry seeds are seeds which players can plant in the berry planter on Tuai Leit to grow rosaberries with level 86 Farming. These seeds may be obtained by planting rumberry seeds and stoneberry seeds and harvesting the result.

Rosaberry seed
Farming level 86
Patch Bush
Payment N/A
Time 2520 minutes (42 hours)
Seeds per 1 seed
Harvesting 5000
Crop Rosaberry seed
Yield[?] Unknown edit

Store locations

Ani's Seed Store by the Sea Shore
Merchant Ani
Island Tuai Leit
Price sold at 50
Prices bought at
Base value 6
First upgrade 6
Second upgrade 7
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Sweet Goods
Merchant Sinuman
Island Cyclosis
Price sold at 50
Prices bought at
Base value 5
First upgrade 5
Second upgrade 6
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