This article is about the plant that members grow via the Farming skill. For the feature in a formal garden, see Rosemary (Construction).
Rosemary detail

Rosemary is a flower in RuneScape. Rosemary will protect any surrounding cabbage plants from pests and disease whilst they are growing. Members can grow this plant from a rosemary seed at level 11 Farming to gain 12 experience points for planting it and 66.5 experience points for harvesting it. It takes 22.5 minutes starting at the plant time to mature into a plot of rosemary flowers.

As an item

Rosemary has few practical uses. The most productive use of Rosemary is to use it at beehives in player owned farms to get a special type of honey called dense honeycomb. Players can also use it to make impling jars, but the process is complex, slow, and there are easier ways to obtain impling jars.

It can also be used in hunting around Oo'glog, in the southern part of the Feldip hunting area, where there is an item spawn for rosemary near the Fever grass and Stinkbloom.


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