Royal dwarven gravestone
Dwarf Grave detail
Release date 4 January 2011 (Update)
Seller Blasidar
Cost 500,000 coins
Duration 3 minutes
Message Here lies [player name], friend of dwarves. Great in life, glorious in death. His/Her name lives on in song and story.
Description The dwarves of Keldagrim are said to be the world's greatest sculptors, and a gravestone of dwarven design is an unparallelled work of art.

The royal dwarven gravestone is a 3 minute gravestone requiring the King of the Dwarves quest. It is available from Blasidar the sculptor in Keldagrim for 500,000 coins. It is the longest-lasting gravestone in the game, followed by the equally priced Angel of Death which lasts only 2:45 minutes.


  • During the 2011 Hallowe'en event, an advertised Royal Dwarven Gravestone read "The only way to meet a dwarf taller than you! You know, because they're short and stuff."
  • Prior to the death rework, the royal dwarven gravestone would last for 15 minutes.
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