A powerful ranged device, made out of pure gold and encrusted with gems.

The royale cannon is an upgraded version of the gold dwarf multicannon, adding gems and other cosmetic items to the dwarf multicannon, released on 8 March 2011. As of 17 June 2013, it also holds 90 cannonballs, compared to the 30 cannonballs for a regular dwarf multicannon, and the 60 cannonballs for a gold multicannon.

To purchase the ability to upgrade, players must spend 100% respect from participating in the Artisans Workshop. This requires first purchasing the gold dwarf multicannon upgrade for 50% respect - effectively making the true cost of the royale cannon 150% respect. Once purchased, upgrading is free, and a regular or gold multicannon can be converted to the royale version by speaking to Egil while carrying all four parts in the inventory. The component parts are untradeable, but it is possible to convert it back to a normal cannon at any time.

After this upgrade is purchased, the player can buy a reward called "Restocking cannon", which allows your cannon to auto-refill its ammunition as long as you are within 15 spaces and have cannonballs in your inventory.

Artwork shown in the update.

The royale cannon consists of:


  • In the game guide, a picture of the royale cannon is captioned "Dwarves must use the metric system", which is a reference to an iconic scene from Pulp Fiction wherein the characters discuss how a "quarter-pounder with cheese" is called a "Royale with cheese" in France, and one asks if that's because France uses the metric system.
  • All pieces of the cannon have an items kept on death value of 1 coin except for the base, which has a value of 187,500 coins, which is equal to the store price of a normal cannon from Nulodion.
  • While the upgrade was intended to be cosmetic, a glitch once existed that allowed a Royale cannon to be used in areas that do not allow cannons such as the Chaos Tunnels and Kuradal's Dungeon. This has been fixed in a hidden update.
  • When attempting to buy one without first buying the gold version, it gives the message: "You need to unlock 'Golden Cannon' before you can access this."
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