Ruantun chathead

Ruantun is an extremely weakened and lethargic vampyre located next to the anvil in Draynor Sewers, on the ruins of what used to be a small house. He plays a minor role in the Desert Treasure quest, where he willingly assists you in the process of summoning Dessous by crafting a silver pot.

He only appears in member's worlds, as Desert Treasure is a member's quest. As such, free-to-play players have no way to talk to him.

Personality and history

Although not much is known about his past, it is revealed that he once worked as an assistant to Count Draynor many years ago, helping him with unspecified experiments.[1] In addition, at one point he crossed the River Salve and survived, albeit leaving him very weak and sickly. Despite this, he is generally friendly[2], and willing to help the player with their request.


Ruantun's home

Ruantun lives in the sewers.

  • Ruantun is notable for being one of the few vampyres who have not received a graphical update since RuneScape 2. This is especially noticeable in his chathead, which uses the same animations that were used prior to the RuneScape High Detail update.
  • Just as Count Draynor is a reference to Bram Stoker's Count Dracula, Rauntun may be a reference to Renfield, Dracula's assistant in the same novel.
    • Furthermore, When Ruantun speaks, he holds out the S's; this is most likely a nod to the trope of all classical vampires in other media speaking with an exaggerated Romanian accent, first made famous by Bela Lugosi's live action portrayal of Dracula in the 1931 film.


  1. ^ Malak, "Desert Treasure", RuneScape. "Well, my plan would be as follows. First, take a silver bar to the man living in the sewers in Draynor. He was an assistant to Count Draynor in some of his... more interesting experiments many years past."
  2. ^ Ruantun, "Desert Treasure", RuneScape. "Ah, I sssee... Yesss, I know how to make sssuch an item... It has been many yearsss sssince I have needed to however... I is not my wisssh to quessstion your desssire for sssuch an item. I wasss merely sssurprisssed that one sssuch as you would make sssuch a requessst... I will happily make you thisss pot, but you mussst bring me a bar of sssilver... Alasss, I can no longer collect my own ingredientsss, and mussst remain here..."
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