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Rug merchants are employees of Ali Morrisane who operate Magic carpets for his flying carpet fleet. There is usually a monkey around these men.

Rug Merchants can be found at Shantay's Pass, Uzer, the Bedabin Camp, Pollnivneach (north and south), Nardah, Sophanem, and Menaphos. South Pollnivneach and Shantay's Pass are used as hubs.

There is also a rug merchant at the Monkey colony, although this one is a monkey, whose assistant is human.

The price of using the rugs can be halved from 200 to 100 coins with a Ring of Charos(a). The price will naturally be halved and can be reduced to a further 75 coins if one takes part in the Rogue Trader activity.

Alongside the Desert Tasks update, Rug Merchants now offer the option to 'Fast-Travel' for 1000 coins instead of their usual price (500 coins after completing the Rogue Trader activity). This will skip the travel animation and get you to your destination in just a few seconds instead of the traditional, more scenic route.

After having completed the easy Desert Tasks, once per day the rug merchant can be asked for a bag of lost items.


  • The examine info "A man who deals in rugs." is a pun on drug dealers as 'rug dealer' and 'drug dealer' sound similar.
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