Ruins (west) map

The western ruins.

The ruins are all that remain of the Zarosian fortress and village once known as Dareeyak. They are located in the wilderness level 21-24 west of the bandit camp and south of the Forgotten Cemetery. These ruins have many tiles and about 10 planks scattered about and are infested with many giant spiders and giant rats. A lone anvil is one of the few usable artefacts remaining. There is also a hammer, cake tin, steel bar, and 4 Steel nails spawn near the anvil.

The building in the north-east also contains a small fishing net, seed dibber, and fishing bait. In the centre to the south-west of the magic tree, there is a flower patch.

There is a magic tree here, however it is linked to the cursed magic tree in the Spirit Realm. The magic tree will only spawn when the cursed magic tree is cut down, and vice versa. The magic tree does not have a "Rare tree" icon on the map.

There is a statue in the ruins that had its head removed. The examine text says it is the founder of the town/village.

The most eastern part of the ruins was a popular revenant spawn point prior to being banished into the Forinthry Dungeon.





  • When the Wilderness was "rejuvenated" with slayer monsters, Gargoyles were placed here. They were moved to the eastern ruins with the 11 September 2017 update.
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