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Rum (red) detail
Trouble Brewing Rum teleport

Oh gods! It tastes like burning!

Rum is only available from Honest Jimmy at Trouble Brewing for 2 Pieces of Eight. It is used to teleport back to Trouble Brewing. On use it is consumed and disappears.

When the red variant is drunk the player seems to die, and says "Oh gods! It tastes like burning!" The 'Rum' also has another colour, blue, however, there is no difference between the two other than colour.

The teleport rum items purchased from Honest Jimmy are not the same items as the "rum" created in the Trouble Brewing minigame itself, which does not leave the game area.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Honest Jimmy's House of StuffTrouble Brewing2Pieces of eight30Yes


  • "It tastes like burning" is a reference to Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons.
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