Rune-Draw is a game of chance similar to blackjack. You must play Rune-Draw against Robin during the Ghosts Ahoy quest. Robin will give you a Signed oak shieldbow to pay off his debt when he owes you 100 coins.

The rules, according to Robin:

Two players take turns to draw a rune from a bag, which contains ten runes in total. Each rune has a different value: an air is worth one point, up to a Nature rune which is worth nine points. If a player draws the Death rune then the game is over, and they have lost. A player can choose to hold if they wish and not draw any more runes, but this runs the risk of the other player drawing more runes until they have a greater points total and win.

There are 10 different runes in total, nine of which will raise your score. The tenth is a death rune, which will end the game and make the player who draws it lose. The ten runes and their values are displayed below.


A player winning a game of Rune-Draw after the other player draws a death rune.

Air rune Air rune 1
Mind rune Mind rune 2
Water rune Water rune 3
Earth rune Earth rune 4
Fire rune Fire rune 5
Body rune Body rune 6
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune 7
Chaos rune Chaos rune 8
Nature rune Nature rune 9
Death rune Death rune Automatic loss


  • There is a certain glitch with the Runedraw game: it happens when 9/10 of all the runes have been drawn, and players have a higher point count than Robin. The last rune is the Death rune, which, if drawn, will make players lose. Robin will always skip drawing the last rune, but if players press the "Hold" button, Robin will be stuck thinking forever, unless players quit, which also makes them lose. This has not yet been fixed.
  • The numeric value of the runes increases as the level to craft these runes using the Runecrafting skill increases.
  • It is not possible to play this game after the quest. When a player talks to Robin after the quest, he will ask for another game and the player will reply "You have a serious gambling problem, you know."
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