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RuneFest is the name of the annual Jagex-run real-world event for RuneScape players.


Information from YouTube and Jagex Mod clan chats

On 24 March, Mark Gerhard's second interview was released on the RuneScape YouTube channel. At two seconds into the video, the words "RuneFest 2010" were visible on a whiteboard behind Mods Paul M and Mark G.

On 7 April, Mark Gerhard was asked in his Clan Chat, "Mark, can you shine a light on RuneFest for us?" to which he replied:

Aah RuneFest, seems our worst kept secret so far. We are planning a real world event for the players currently code named RuneFest. I cant give too much away otherwise the team will be beat me with my own shoes But I suppose I can say that I'm really excited about meeting the player(s). As are the rest of the Jagex family. Take care and hopefully see you all soon Irl.
— Mark Gerhard

On 11 April, Mark Gerhard said the following regarding RuneFest in his Clan Chat:

Runescape nation was the project name for RuneFest. No RuneFest will go international afterwards, the 1st will be in England. Yeah it will go on tour :) I cant say too much about RuneFest though as the will club be [sic] to death with my own shoes if I do :) There will be official coms on RuneFest to follow shortly I'm sure
— Mark Gerhard

In response to, "Will there be a music element to RuneFest as hinted in the trademark apps?"

Yes Rule :)
— Mark Gerhard


  • On 18 March 2010, was registered by Jagex[1].
  • On 29 March, 2010, trademark applications were filed for "RuneFest"[2], "Jagex Nation"[3] and "RuneScape Nation"[4]. Both and are owned by Jagex[5][6].

The trademark classes for RuneFest, RuneScape Nation and Jagex Nation are:

Class 09: Audio recordings; video recordings; audio-visual recordings; pre-recorded publications; downloadable electronic publications; data-carriers for audio and visual and audio-visual recordings; CDs; DVDs.

Class 16: Printed publications; printed matter; books, leaflets, brochures; posters, postcards, stationery.

Class 25: Clothing, footwear, headgear.

Class 41: Entertainment; organising, promotion and production of entertainment and events; organising, production and presentation of shows, staged events, theatrical performances, concerts, live performationces and audience participation events; musical entertainment; live musical entertainment; production, presentation and distribution of sound and video recordings; provision of recreational facilities; arranging and conducting festivals; arranging and conducting competitions; arranging and conducting events relating to computer games and video games and Internet games; information and advisory and consultancy services relating to all of the foregoing.

— British Intellectual Property Office [2][3][4]


  • Originally it was speculated that RuneFest 2010 would be held at the Olympia Conference Centre, in West Kensington, London, due to a leak on the RuneFest website.[7]


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