This is a page for explaining any software bugs the wiki may be experiencing. It is not a place to list bugs in RuneScape itself; please use this article for that.

Wikia upload bug

Wikia is experiencing a bug in its image cache architecture. When users upload a new version of an existing file, the version displayed as current may remain as the previous version, but with the dimensions of the new version, causing it to stretch or squash. If so, the file history also displays the previous, incorrect version as current.

The bug does not affect every existing file. Some files may upload new versions without difficulty or incident.

Only completely new files with previously unused file names are guaranteed not to experience this bug.

For files that are affected

Uploading another version corrects the previous upload in the file history, but continues to display the incorrect version as current.

Completely new files, which have no previous versions, but which reuse the name of a recently deleted or moved file, can also experience the bug.

In addition, if the current version is displayed incorrectly, the wiki's new files list and the upload log also display the incorrect file.

What not to do

Do not immediately re-upload the file or revert to a previous version. These actions rarely correct the bug or compensate for it.

What to do

The bug has existed for more than a year. Be patient and wait for Wikia to fix the bug.

Sometimes files automatically update to the correct version, although it may take a few days.

Users may also attempt to purge the image. Wikia has a short guide to purging images, which includes a discussion of using unusual URLs. However, purging may not solve the problem.

If a few days have passed and the current version is still displayed incorrectly, users may attempt to revert or to re-upload the file, unless stated otherwise on the revert or upload forms.

As soon as the bug appears, an administrator should change the contents of MediaWiki:Upload server error to "@true". If the bug seems to be fixed, the contents should be changed back into "@false".

Blank pages

An uncommon glitch causes pages to appear completely blank when viewed. The page can be made visible again by forcing a purge of its cache by adding ?action=purge to the end of the URL.

Rich Text Editor bugs

Removal of line breaks bug

A glitch in the Wikia skin's Rich Text Editor (RTE) occasionally removes all line breaks from the article or section which a user is editing. (A few examples of this glitch are here, here, and here.) This bug breaks much of the article's formatting, especially with regards to templates, tables, and sections. To see an example of the problems caused by the RTE bug, compare this revision of the Saradomin bow article to this revision. (The trivia section most clearly illustrates the damage).

Parsing errors

Complete parsing errors

The Rich Text Editor will occasionally parse the content of a page completely incorrectly, resulting in the code that the Rich Text Editor uses to keep track of the content being saved onto the page instead of the content itself. See here for an example.

Partial parsing errors

Automatic table correction

Many users wish to format their talk pages a certain way through the use of tables or have a table at the end of a page which may be easily added to. However, when the Rich Text Editor sees a table which has not been closed, it will add closing brackets ("|}") at the end to fix this. This can be avoided by placing the table opening in a template and transcluding the template onto the page. The Rich Text Editor will not be able to tell that there is an unclosed table header on the page and will not attempt to fix it.

Other bugs

Other bugs of the Rich Text Editor include adding {C or {C} randomly to articles (such as here). Another bug in infoboxes with images is that everything after the last pipe is pasted again behind the closing ]] (such as here). Additionally, CSS may be inserted at the end of pages (such as here).

What to do

If you see an edit caused the article to break due to the RTE bug, undo the edit. Do not use rollback to revert the edit unless it clearly constitutes vandalism. If the user made a positive contribution to the article, try to leave it in or add it back afterwards. In your edit summary, clarify that the RTE bug caused the page to break. If the user persists in attempting to edit and continues to break the page, notify them on their talk page and link to this page.

Registered users who disable the RTE in their preferences or switch to the Monobook skin are not susceptible to the RTE bug.

Oasis skin bugs

Category addition bug

The Rich Text Editor handles the categories on a page separately from the rest of the content on the page. Every time the editor is loaded, the existing categories are taken from the page content and appended to a textbox to the right of the main content. If there is ever a problem with submitting an edit (if the edit triggers an abuse filter, for example), then the editor is reloaded, causing the categories to be appended to the end of the category textbox again. If the edit is finally submitted, this will cause the categories that appeared on the page previously to be listed several more times as a consequence of the edit.

What to do

Whether or not the Rich Text Editor is disabled is irrelevant to this bug. The only way to completely avoid it is to use the monobook skin. However, this may still be corrected in the Oasis skin by checking the "Categories" textbox and removing any duplicate categories this way.

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