(Pending Reports)
(Pending Reports)
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<!--Please add current vandalism under this line. EXAMPLE REPORTS: for an IP: {{cvuid|IP|Page Vandalized}}, {{cvuid|Username|Page Vandalized}} for a registered user. (Using will also give the page of which be vandalized by this IP/account) -->
<!--Please add current vandalism under this line. EXAMPLE REPORTS: for an IP: {{cvuid|IP|Page Vandalized}}, {{cvuid|Username|Page Vandalized}} for a registered user. (Using will also give the page of which be vandalized by this IP/account) -->
{{cvuid|insert vandal}}
{{cvuid||Dragon halberd‎‎}}
{{cvuid|insert vandal}}
{{cvuid|insert vandal}}
{{cvuid|insert vandal}}
{{cvuid|insert vandal}}
{{cvuid|insert vandal}}

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If you are immediately reporting vandalism in progress, click this link.

Welcome to the RuneScape Wiki Counter Vandalism Unit. This page is here to help combat vandalism on articles.

This page is monitored by administrators who have the ability to deal with vandals and stop them from causing further damage to the wiki. Vandalism is an offence that a user may be blocked for. If you have noticed vandalism on an article, please post the article and name of the offending user or IP address under the Current vandalism section, and it will be dealt with.


Here is a list of administrators who can be contacted via their RuneScape usernames:

  • Amaurice (User:Amaurice) - I sometimes have PM on when I play (UK in evenings). Try here if I'm offline.
  • Atlandy (User:Atlandy)- I am on in the morning EST..actually, I am on quite a bit. PM me in game at anytime.
  • Azaz129 (User:Azaz129) - If it's a vandal reported, it's a vandal blocked. Feel free to PM me ingame to report as well.
  • Larchelondon (User:Bonziiznob) - Feel free to contact me via talk page, Ventrilio, or a pm.
  • Calebchiam (User:Calebchiam) - If there's a vandal, rest assured the vandal will be dealt with accordingly. PM me in-game at "Calebchiam" if I happen to be online. Best to leave a message at my talk page though.
  • Chrisso125 (User:Cflm001) - PM me or leave a note on my talk page. :-)
  • Chiafriend12 (User:Chiafriend12) - Message me if something's been vandalized.
  • Clv309 (User:Clv309) - I'm nearly always on the wiki, or the #wikia-runescape IRC channel, and happy to help!
  • C Teng (User:C Teng) - You can always contact me on my talk page, or on RuneScape when I am online.
  • Dr5ag2on1 (User:Dr5ag2on1) - Private message me ingame if you need help with a vandal.
  • Dtm142 (User:Dtm142) - You can contact me ingame or on my talk page.
  • Emosworld (User:Emosworld) - Contact Me Here, or ingame, Emosworld or Emosworld5.
  • Gangsterls (User:Gangsterls) - Leave a message on my talk page or contact me ingame as "Gangsterls".
  • Huanghe63 (User:Huanghe63) - Ingame, same name. I'll totally leave the vandal feeling violated.
  • King Korihor (User:Robert Horning) - Counter Vandalism is a priority activity for me, and if you spot it, I'll jump right on it! Please private message me, even if you are standing right next to me as I'm often in the grand exchange.
  • kytti khat (user:kytti khat) - I'm the FNG (fine new girl) to the CVU and will do what i can.
  • Occult Girl (User:Whiplash) - If its an attack on a user, i'll be swift and brutal.
  • Sir Revan125 (User:Sir Revan125) - My Private Chat is usually off, so leave a message on my talk page if you need to get in touch.
  • Soldier 1033 (User:Soldier 1033) - I usually have my private chat set to friends but you can PM me if I turn it on. If I'm not on RS you can contact me on my talk page.
  • Sue Loves Me (User:Karlis) - I live to combat vandalism. I also enjoy transparency and the GEMW.

What should be reported

  • Blanking pages.
  • Posting offensive material, whether it be images or words.
  • Contributing nonsense.
  • False or deceptive information is being added to an article when the contributer knows that it is false.
  • Blatant personal attacks on a user.
  • Content which encourages breaking any of the 15 game rules.
  • Advertising in any form (aside from websites listed under "External Links" which relate to the article that it is being put in)
  • Impersonating another user.

What should not be reported

  • A discussion where differing opinions are being debated or discussed.
  • Common mistakes, such as incorrect categorisation or misspelled words.
  • Contributing in languages other than English. Should instead be directed toward a non-English RSW.
  • Articles about players, except in cases of repeated articles.
  • Incorrect information is being added to an article when the contributor is not aware of them being incorrect.

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If you feel you have been wrongly accused of vandalism you will have to leave a comment on your talk page. Comments left will be read by an administrator.

Current vandalism

Administrators: Please review the block list when making a decision. When a vandal has been dealt with, please replace name/I.P. with "insert vandal".
Reporters: When referencing a vandal account, please insert the suspected vandals name/I.P. into the "insert vandal" in the cvuid template: {{cvuid|username}} or for anonymous users, {{cvuid|IPaddress}}. You may also report the page vandalized by doing typing {{cvuid|IP|Page Vandalized}}.

Pending Reports

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