On 18 September 2012, a RuneScape Wiki project aimed at mining the most data possible out of all public Adventurer's Logs available concluded.

In the 303,465 Adventurer's Logs resulting from the Project, there were 14,471,769 log events, 208,087 unique. The project took the last 50 events from each of the public logs, starting with the highest-ranked players and working down to those with 500 total levels.

Monster drops

Monster drop data has been moved to RuneScape:Data/Adventurer's Logs (18 September 2012)/Drops to lessen the loading time.
God Wars Dungeon
  • Nearly all of the data was compiled before the God Wars Dungeon rework, so we ignore the new items.
  • For every original God Wars Dungeon boss, there seems to be a ratio of around 4:2:1 for Special items:Shards:Hilt, where "Special items" is Armadyl armour, Bandos armour, the Zamorakian spear or Saradomin sword. It's quite possible that a similar 10:1 ratio exists for the minions with special items and shards, but there is not enough data for anything specific. It would not be surprising if all the bosses had the same drop percentages as well as ratios.
  • Nex's main drop items are fairly uniform, consistent with the theory that each item has a 1/300 drop rate.
Visage calculations
  • Based on the number of kills of mithril dragons (792,163), it's believed that they have a 1/10000 chance of dropping a draconic visage, and a 1/30000 chance of dropping the dragon full helm. This is in line with the previously reported frost dragon drop rate. The current hypothesis is that all regular dragons have a drop rate of 1/10000. About twice as many dragon full helms are awarded through pyre burning than dragon slaying (see below). Be aware, however, that drop rates gathered from the kill count and drop count may be inaccurate, as players can turn off reporting on one or the other. However, it's likely that if the estimates are inaccurate, the true numbers would be even lower.
  • If steel dragons have a visage drop rate of 1/10000 (see above), then we estimate that ~2.8 million of them have been killed to make 279 of them be logged. This would imply that dragon platelegs and plateskirts both have a drop rate of approximately 1/500, as they are 20 times more common than visages. Through similar calculations, it's estimated that the iron dragon's drop rate for platelegs and plateskirts is half that, or 1/1000.
  • Frost dragons are by far the largest source for draconic visages, accounting for about two-thirds of the overall supply. However (again assuming a 1/10000 drop rate), they only account for 1% of the expected value of the kill.
  • Dragon claws appear to be about four times as common as any particular tormented demon piece.
  • The Dagannoth Kings seem to drop dragon hatchets at the exact same rate they drop Fremennik rings. Dagannoth Rex has the highest count in all categories, but it's unclear whether the overall drop rate is reduced because he drops two different rings instead of one.
  • Of all the listed boss monsters, General Graardor has dropped the highest amount of wealth, followed closely by Glacors, and then Nex and the Corporeal Beast. However, given that 2138 draconic visages were looted from frost dragons, we can infer that about 21 million frost dragons were killed in the period, putting their total output far in the lead at 359,351,000,000 coins.

Effigy-assisted drop rate estimates

  • Through trial and error, we determined that the effigy drop rate had been lowered approximately 2.8 times. The original formula prior to the February reworking was estimated at $ 11018252 \times level^{-1.9469123} $, so the new formula should be something close to $ 30851105 \times level^{-1.9469123} $. This is by no means exact.
  • Using this formula, we can approximate the number of kills of a monster during the logging period. For instance, there were 3,399 effigies dropped by abyssal demons. Solving $ 3399 \times 30851105 \times 124^{-1.9469123} $ gives 8,808,733 abyssal demon kills.
  • Furthermore, given the number of drops and the number of kills, we can now estimate the drop rate of any Adventurer's Log item. There were 16188 abyssal whips dropped during the logging period, and $ 16188/8808733 $ gives 1/544, which, given all the estimation, is remarkably close to the stated drop rate of 1/512.
  • The following table is presented, showing all drops included on the Adventurer's Logs, excluding shield left halves and dragon helms.
MonsterItemDropsEffigiesCombatEst. killsEst. drop rate (1 in X)
Abyssal demonAbyssal whip16,1883,3991248,808,733544
AquaniteAmulet of ranging2,7284151141,266,792464
Black dragonDraconic visage2303,7732273,012,88013,099
Bronze dragonDragon platelegs9148291311,930,5622,112
Bronze dragonDragon plateskirt9608291311,930,5622,011
Chaos dwarfDragon pickaxe22265481,068,9444,815
Chaos dwarf hand cannoneerDragon pickaxe8397061002,781,3193,315
Chaos dwogreDragon pickaxe3574721171,369,7343,837
Commander ZilyanaGodsword shard 13011859614,388480
Commander ZilyanaGodsword shard 22211859614,388654
Commander ZilyanaGodsword shard 32611859614,388553
Commander ZilyanaSaradomin hilt3011859614,388480
Commander ZilyanaSaradomin sword18111859614,38879
Dark beastDark bow7,0832,8011823,438,928486
Desert strykewyrmFocus sight6,1331,2551302,966,553484
Dust devilDragon chainbody2541,916938,693,65834,227
Frost dragonDraconic visage2,13810,08716614,814,1596,929
GargoyleGranite maul29,9682,3121117,433,513248
General GraardorBandos boots1,7504,333624483,148276
General GraardorBandos chestplate1,7164,333624483,148282
General GraardorBandos hilt1,2394,333624483,148390
General GraardorBandos tassets1,7764,333624483,148272
General GraardorGodsword shard 18854,333624483,148546
General GraardorGodsword shard 28724,333624483,148554
General GraardorGodsword shard 39524,333624483,148508
GlacorGlaiven boots6533,931475745,5661,142
GlacorRagefire boots6593,931475745,5661,131
GlacorSteadfast boots6603,931475745,5661,130
Ice strykewyrmStaff of light3,0611,5742101,462,575478
Iron dragonDraconic visage4113,7021894,223,14210,275
Iron dragonDragon platelegs4,0053,7021894,223,1421,054
Iron dragonDragon plateskirt3,8213,7021894,223,1421,105
Jungle strykewyrmHexcrest6,1299701103,174,168518
K'ril TsutsarothGodsword shard 14319965020,494477
K'ril TsutsarothGodsword shard 24119965020,494500
K'ril TsutsarothGodsword shard 35319965020,494387
K'ril TsutsarothZamorak hilt7119965020,494289
K'ril TsutsarothZamorakian spear28519965020,49472
King Black DragonDraconic visage31270276147,3664,754
Kree'arraArmadyl chainskirt25455858071,739282
Kree'arraArmadyl chestplate22955858071,739313
Kree'arraArmadyl helmet24055858071,739299
Kree'arraArmadyl hilt20355858071,739353
Kree'arraGodsword shard 114355858071,739502
Kree'arraGodsword shard 213355858071,739539
Kree'arraGodsword shard 313355858071,739539
KuraskLeaf-bladed sword1,9433061061,076,216554
Mithril dragonDraconic visage771,672304756,0849,819
Mithril dragonDragon full helm231,672304756,08432,873
Mutated jadinko guardWhip vine6616741451,288,0621,949
Mutated jadinko maleWhip vine1,428694201702,279492
NexPernix body211561,0016,931330
NexPernix chaps191561,0016,931365
NexPernix cowl251561,0016,931277
NexTorva full helm241561,0016,931289
NexTorva platebody291561,0016,931239
NexTorva platelegs171561,0016,931408
NexVirtus mask221561,0016,931315
NexVirtus robe legs211561,0016,931330
NexVirtus robe top201561,0016,931347
NexZaryte bow231561,0016,931301
Skeletal WyvernDraconic visage40487198507,45112,686
Skeletal WyvernGranite legs1,276487198507,451398
Steel dragonDraconic visage2794,2922462,930,82210,505
Steel dragonDragon platelegs5,5174,2922462,930,822531
Steel dragonDragon plateskirt5,4014,2922462,930,822543
Terror dogGranite helm5,524195105698,598126
Tormented demonDragon claws617875450184,377299
Tormented demonRuined dragon armour lump153875450184,3771,205
Tormented demonRuined dragon armour shard169875450184,3771,091
Tormented demonRuined dragon armour slice168875450184,3771,097
Tormented wraithSpirit shield127612914,398113
TurothLeaf-bladed sword6,108719873,714,717608
  • More than usual, take this data with a grain of salt. Even in the best-case scenario, the drop rates may be off by 10% or more.
  • There is a glaring inconsistency between the frost dragon's draconic visage drop rate estimated here and the one assumed in the previous section; this says 1/6928, but it's believed to be closer to 1/10000. The most plausible explanation is that the frost dragon bots are picking up effigies and banking them, but not using them (at least immediately). This decreases the future effigy drop rate, lowering the number of effigy drops reported, lowering the estimated kills, and raising the estimated drop rate. However, both skeletal wyverns and black dragons have an estimated draconic visage drop rate that tends towards 1/12500 instead of 1/10000. This is far too large of a discrepancy to be statistical noise, so it's quite possible that they have a lower drop rate than the other dragons. In addition, the King Black Dragon appears to have a 1/5000 visage drop rate.
  • Slayer drops (abyssal whip, amulet of ranging, dark bow, focus sight, staff of light, hexcrest, whip vine from mutated jadinko males, perhaps granite legs and leaf-bladed swords) appear to be clustered around a 1/500 drop rate. Jagex has stated that abyssal whips and dark bows have a drop rate of 1/512, so it's reasonable to assume that these are the same.
  • Nex armour appears to have about a 1/300 drop rate for each piece. Individual pieces show higher and lower rates, but this is due to the low sample size.
  • If we are to believe that each God Wars Dungeon boss has the same hilt drop rate (and special item drop rate), this method looks to be over-reporting K'ril Tsutsaroth kills by 20 to 30%. The other three bosses are largely in line with each other. No explanation can be given at this time.
  • The earlier drop rate estimates for metallic dragons are further supported by the new data.
  • Glacor drop rates are approximately 1/1130 for each individual type.
  • Dragon pickaxes are not significantly rarer from chaos dwarves than they are from the more commonly killed monsters. However, only 65 effigies were used for this calculation so it may be inaccurate.
  • Regrettably, no effigies are dropped by the Corporeal Beast, Dagannoth Kings or God Wars Dungeon minions. Accordingly, no drop estimates can be made.

Drops from the Corporeal Beast

Due to how the events appear in the Adventurer's Log, it is unknown how many times the Corporeal Beast has been killed.

This information suggests that arcane and spectral sigils are between 2 times and 3 times more frequent than elysian and divine sigil drops when taken individually. The drop rate appears to be uniform between arcanes and spectrals, as well as between elysians and divines.

Boot drops from Glacors

Note: This is unfiltered data.

There have been 735,913 glacor kills logged. It is currently possible that a boot drop is associated with a kill event that fell off a player's Adventurer's Log. It is also possible that a kill is reported but not the drop, or that a drop is reported but not the kill, due to Adventurer's Log privacy settings.

This information suggests that the boot drops are uniform between all types of boots.

Treasure Trails rewards

Treasure Trails are one of the areas where there is no confusion in the data, and no reason to believe the results are anything but completely accurate. The following appear to have the same drop rates:

  • Wizard hat (g) (0.236%) and wizard robe top (g) (0.227%)
  • Rune platebody (Gilded) (0.035%) and gilded platelegs (0.033%)
  • Ranger boots (0.379%) and robin hood hats (0.349%). This is special because they are on separate difficulties.
  • Guthix bows (0.275%), saradomin bows (0.286%) and zamorak bows (0.248%)
  • There is no reason to believe that any of the Third Age pieces have different drop rarities.

Other stray observations:

  • Ten times as many hard clues were completed as elite clues. More than twice as many easy clues were completed as medium clues. Be aware that, as the data gathering project ended before all low-levelled logs were included, the clue distribution may not be perfect.
  • Of the items included in the Adventurer's Logs, the medium clues have the highest expected value, at 6,915. This is due to the relatively high drop rate of ranger boots. Easy clues have an expected value of 4,594, hard clues 34,333, and elite clues 9,097 (taking the median-priced dragon mask, steel, as an average of the unnamed dragon masks). Keep in mind that this is only the items listed in the Adventurer's Logs, and it is not entirely accurate. Other expensive items like god pages, vestments and ornament kits are not included in the calculation.
  • Not a single piece of third-age druidic equipment was listed in the Adventurer's Logs. It's unclear whether this was due to it being excluded from the log reporting, or because it's so rare that no-one received any.

I killed the player...

  • 50,109 players killed a total of 66,851 times.
  • Most-killed players:
    • YoungHov - 32
    • Melee Pooned - 29
    • De Stranger - 24
    • Lolkiller136 - 22
    • novasunset73 - 22
    • GivMeMoneyHo - 19
    • Zap Spark - 18
    • panda hippie - 17
    • Element-Pr0d - 16
    • kx_85_num28 - 15

Court Cases summons

Barbarians vs Wizards207421
Drunken Dwarf vs The People188384
Ernest vs Professor Oddenstein195414
EVIL DAVE vs The People239434
Evil Twin vs Good Twin226402
H.A.M. vs Dorgeshuun252449
Miss Schism vs Draynor Village175424
Mugger vs Roger Murray594715
Party Pete vs His Neighbours157447
Rick Turpentine vs The (Rich) People171393
River troll vs The People219414
Sawmill Man vs The People196448
The Frog Prince vs The People173427
The Gravedigger vs The People190458
The Mime vs The People173460
The Sandwich Lady vs The People211452

With the exception of the mugger case, all of the summons seem to be dropped at a relatively even rate. The mugger summons is given nearly three times as often, as it's the first one that everybody does.

Court Cases seem to be completed more often than they are summoned, which doesn't make much sense. We see a pretty uniform distribution around 420, with the exception of the mugger case again. It's only done about 70% more often than the others, even though it's summoned three times as often.

Champion's scrolls

Banshee Champion819415
Ghoul Champion3553354
Giant Champion4521542
Goblin Champion926320
Hobgoblin Champion658165
Jogre Champion13388
Lesser Demon Champion848337
Mummy Champion702314
Skeleton Champion1145310
Zombie Champion5481669
Aberrant Spectre Champion15821010
Earth Warrior Champion18898
Imp Champion195128

It's easy to see that the Jogre, Imp and Earth Warrior scrolls are by far the rarest. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're dropped at a lower rate, but they're killed much less often. Zombie, Giant and Ghoul scrolls are the most common. It's possible that this is related to them being killed by bots regularly.

The number killed tells a different story. More than half of the Jogre, Imp and Earth Warrior scrolls were successfully redeemed, compared to around 10% of the most common scrolls.

Monster kills 

Avatar of Creation4311
Avatar of Destruction4419
Cave Wolf Matriarch1591
Chaos Elemental27092
Commander Zilyana11339
Corporeal Beast49491
Dagannoth King492778
Dagannoth Prime752
Dagannoth Rex5696
General Graardor531710
Giant Mole176460
King Black Dragon135730
K'ril Tsutsaroth25569
Mithril dragon792163
Skeletal horror7804
Tormented demon139376
Wild jade vine2

There are numerous problems with this data, including that when a monster is killed by two players, the kill will show up on all of their logs. It's best not to take this table too seriously, although it can be used as an incredibly rough approximation for drop rates and monster popularity.

Queen Black Dragon

There were 17,655 recorded kills of the Queen Black Dragon. The following drops were also recorded:

Thankfully this data is fairly robust, given that the Queen Black Dragon can only be killed in single combat. Unfortunately this doesn't include royal crossbow pieces, but it does show the three other most sought-after drops. This would imply about a 1/100 drop rate for draconic visages (about 100 times more common than frost dragons), a 1/200 drop rate for dragon kiteshields, and a 1/100 drop rate for dragonbone upgrade kits.

Squeal of Fortune Prizes

* means that the prize was rewarded during the Wild Weekend in which tattoos and horns were moved to the "common" slot.

10 million coin jackpot211
Arcane Tattoo49
Auspicious Katana46
Bold Tattoo41
Curled Horns81
Curled Horns*6049
Flying Goblin Hat65
Intricate Tattoo54
Long Horns47
Lucky abyssal whip93
Lucky arcane spirit shield69
Lucky Armadyl chainskirt72
Lucky Armadyl chestplate68
Lucky Armadyl godsword78
Lucky Armadyl helmet63
Lucky Bandos boots76
Lucky Bandos chestplate71
Lucky Bandos godsword73
Lucky Bandos tassets89
Lucky divine spirit shield7
Lucky dragon 2h sword76
Lucky dragon chainbody75
Lucky dragon claws72
Lucky dragon full helm68
Lucky dragon platebody77
Lucky elysian spirit shield6
Lucky Saradomin godsword85
Lucky Saradomin sword78
Lucky spectral spirit shield59
Lucky Zamorak godsword92
Lucky Zamorakian spear94
Marauder Tattoo91
Marauder Tattoo*6104
Mystic Tattoo79
Mystic Tattoo*8476
Swag Bag35
Swagger Stick44
Tribal Tattoo41
Twisted Horns50
Vile Horns50

Notice that Lucky elysian spirit shields and Lucky divine spirit shields are about ten times rarer than the other Lucky items, which all seem to be fairly even at around 70 each. Getting one of those two spirit shields is one of the rarest non-trivial Adventurer's Log events.

During the increased tattoo and horns weekend, the Intricate Tattoo was not moved to the common slot, even though all of the other tattoos were.

Barrows Loot

Ahrim's hood1479
Ahrim's robe skirt1415
Ahrim's robe top1410
Ahrim's staff1463
Akrisae's hood237
Akrisae's robe skirt279
Akrisae's robe top298
Akrisae's war mace257
Dharok's greataxe1512
Dharok's helm1463
Dharok's platebody1472
Dharok's platelegs1472
Draconic visage98
Dragon helm1654
Guthan's chainskirt1481
Guthan's helm1483
Guthan's platebody1424
Guthan's spear1531
Karil's coif1426
Karil's crossbow1401
Karil's skirt1467
Karil's top1517
Torag's hammers1539
Torag's helm1449
Torag's platebody1453
Torag's platelegs1410
Verac's brassard1458
Verac's flail1543
Verac's helm1459
Verac's plateskirt1468

Notice that there are still 98 draconic visages showing up in the log, even though they were only around for one week back in January. These visages had to be at least as common as any single Barrows item during that week, perhaps much more.

Also notice that Akrisae's robe pieces aren't looted nearly as often as the others, which are uniform. This likely shows that only 15% of Barrowers have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat and therefore kill Akrisae the Doomed, and it shouldn't be taken as an indication that they're any rarer.

Hybrid Robes

Battle-mage boots4065
Battle-mage gloves1706
Battle-mage helm3044
Battle-mage legs1947
Battle-mage robe527
Trickster boots6934
Trickster gloves1673
Trickster hood4002
Trickster legs1808
Trickster robe494
Vanguard body553
Vanguard boots7204
Vanguard gloves1328
Vanguard helm3698
Vanguard legs1671

Dungeoneering Rewards

Rapid Renewal239
Scroll of cleansing2018
Scroll of efficiency646
Scroll of life1497

It's a shame that the logs don't show the most common Dungeoneering rewards, chaotic weaponry and shields. No surprise that Rigour and the scroll of cleansing are the most common of those listed.

Pyramid Plunder

Black ibis body441
Black ibis mask470
Black ibis boots401
Black ibis legs422
Sceptre of the gods162

For all the talk of the rarity of Black Ibis pieces, the Sceptre of the Gods looks to be 2 or 3 times rarer; however, black ibis is obtainable on all rooms of the pyramid, while sceptre of the gods is only obtainable in the final room, requiring 91 Thieving and 75 Runecrafting.


All Fired Up6246
Animal Magnetism6790
Another Slice of H.A.M.2744
As a First Resort...2095
Back to My Roots1608
Between a Rock...3618
Big Chompy Bird Hunting4761
Black Knights' Fortress2717
Blood Pact, The8911
Blood Runs Deep1847
Branches of Darkmeyer, The3043
Buyers and Cellars13189
Cabin Fever2335
Carnillean Rising14398
Catapult Construction1809
Chosen Commander, The1574
Clock Tower4736
Clockwork Syringe, A2046
Cold War3075
Cook's Assistant1648
Creature of Fenkenstrain4701
Curse of Arrav, The3848
Darkness of Hallowvale2317
Deadliest Catch2987
Dealing with Scabaras1849
Death Plateau15372
Death to the Dorgeshuun2975
Defender of Varrock3570
Demon Slayer2041
Desert Treasure5943
Devious Minds3878
Digsite Quest6127
Do No Evil2128
Doric's Quest2009
Dragon Slayer3703
Dream Mentor2853
Druidic Ritual12365
Dwarf Cannon7232
Eadgar's Ruse3409
Eagles' Peak3608
Elder Kiln, The7813
Elemental Workshop I5396
Elemental Workshop II4169
Elemental Workshop III4174
Elemental Workshop IV3640
Enakhra's Lament2263
Enlightened Journey2201
Ernest the Chicken2785
Eyes of Glouphrie, The2151
Fairy Tale Part I, A4102
Fairy Tale Part II, A3374
Fairy Tale Part III, A3812
Family Crest5287
Feud, The4107
Fight Arena4113
Fishing Contest5258
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf3062
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf3139
Fremennik Isles, The5682
Fremennik Trials, The6071
Fur 'n' Seek3335
Garden of Tranquility3571
Gertrude's Cat5323
Ghosts Ahoy3104
Giant Dwarf, The4322
Glorious Memories2035
Goblin Diplomacy2360
Golem, The3908
Grand Tree, The6651
Great Brain Robbery, The1808
Grim Tales1370
Gunnar's Ground10858
Hand in the Sand, The2773
Haunted Mine3225
Hazeel Cult5043
Heroes' Quest3380
Holy Grail4244
Horror from the Deep4795
Hunt for Red Raktuber3183
Icthlarin's Little Helper6026
Imp Catcher1984
In Aid of the Myreque2715
In Pyre Need2219
In Search of the Myreque3276
Jungle Potion6436
Kennith's Concerns1822
King of the Dwarves2894
King's Ransom3617
Knight's Sword, The2159
Land of the Goblins2032
Legacy of Seergaze2159
Legends' Quest2680
Let Them Eat Pie18564
Lost City7963
Lost Tribe, The4315
Love Story2302
Lunar Diplomacy4954
Making History2416
Meeting History2155
Merlin's Crystal4802
Missing My Mummy3733
Monkey Madness6150
Monk's Friend4486
Mountain Daughter2544
Mourning's Ends Part I2003
Mourning's Ends Part II1933
Murder Mystery4925
My Arm's Big Adventure2123
Myths of the White Lands4362
Nature Spirit5338
Nomad's Requiem2602
Observatory Quest3883
Olaf's Quest2056
One Piercing Note11891
One Small Favour3716
Path of Glouphrie, The1831
Perils of Ice Mountain3288
Pirate's Treasure1871
Plague City5142
Priest in Peril6418
Prince Ali Rescue2431
Prisoner of Glouphrie, The2319
Quiet Before the Swarm4479
Rag and Bone Man3580
Rat Catchers1879
Recipe for Disaster3118
Recruitment Drive4198
Ritual of the Mahjarrat3034
Rocking Out1836
Roving Elves2718
Royal Trouble2957
Rum Deal2469
Rune Mechanics3773
Rune Mysteries1908
Salt in the Wound3214
Scorpion Catcher2410
Sea Slug4106
Shades of Mort'ton3523
Shadow of the Storm3477
Sheep Herder3842
Shield of Arrav2784
Shilo Village5923
Slug Menace3109
Smoking Kills6279
Some Like It Cold18310
Song from the Depths21519
Soul's Bane, A3956
Spirit of Summer4500
Spirits of the Elid1883
Summer's End4146
Swan Song2873
Swept Away4085
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio2153
Tail of Two Cats, A1895
Tale of the Muspah, The4670
Tears of Guthix2645
Temple of Ikov5731
The Firemaker's Curse3652
The Restless Ghost2187
The Temple at Senntisten3950
Throne of Miscellania2980
Tourist Trap, The6015
Tower of Life4065
Tree Gnome Village6442
Tribal Totem2412
Troll Romance3213
Troll Stronghold6224
Underground Pass3927
Vampyre Slayer1956
Void Dance, A3446
Void Stares Back, The3185
Waterfall Quest5686
What Lies Below4426
While Guthix Sleeps1655
Witch's House3708
Within the Light1422
Wolf Whistle9674
Zogre Flesh Eaters2828

First time doing Dungeoneering floor


This table is in almost perpetual decline, with the exception of the first to second floor, which is perhaps tutorial-related. Floors 36 through 42 also do not see a decline, most likely due to players obtaining their first chaotics at that level.

Dominion Tower

100 bosses3553
200 bosses3059
300 bosses2892
400 bosses401
450 bosses2781
500 bosses (set 1)1470
500 bosses (set 2)1292
500 bosses (set 3)1709
Floor 14 Endurance2478
Floor 15 Climber2661


After collecting shark's teeth from the Fishing Trawler, I crafted a shark's tooth necklace.14
After completing the Deadliest Catch quest, I hunted and found the Thalassus all 10 times.655
After exchanging 100 zeal at soul wars, I adopted a pet TzRek-Jad, who then ate my fire cape.108
After incredible effort, I unlocked the final enchantment of Dahmaroc for my completionist cape.19
As a result of my victories in the Duel Arena, my duellist's cap has improved.10134
As a result of my victories in the Wilderness, my wildstalker helmet has improved.11269
Challenged by the Gnome Champion.40
Challenged by the Human Champion.68
Each time I rebuilt the statue of Dahmaroc in Varrock Museum, the archaeologists granted me a replica piece. It was a lot of work, but today I completed my own statue at home.380
Five thousand victories in the Duel Arena have improved my duellist's cap to its most impressive.28
Five thousand victories in the Wilderness have improved my wildstalker helmet to its full potential.6
For the first time after training all skills to level 99, I bought a max cape.501
For the first time, I managed to be the one to capture the most enemy flags in a match of Castle Wars.1041
For the first time, I managed to be the one to kill the most players in a match of Castle Wars.1166
I brought a total of 25 additional chimp ices to king Awowogei in Ape Atoll.67
I caught 1,000 gleaelg charm sprites.30
I caught 1,000 slithtils charm sprites.5
I caught 1,000 tranart charm sprites.7
I caught 10,000 gleaelg charm sprites.4
I caught 100 gleaelg charm sprites.146
I caught 100 slithtils charm sprites.29
I caught 100 tranart charm sprites.49
I climbed the ranks in the Crucible and was named the Supreme Champion.1073
I defeated many waves of TokHaar, before vanquishing the mighty Har'Aken and conquering the Fight Kiln.9718
I helped Pauline enough on the Livid Farm to learn all the spells.528
I helped Pauline enough on the Livid Farm to learn the first spell, Teleport to Falador.1449
I managed to defeat the difficult version of the Sunfreet in the Dominion Tower.299
I reached a total of 1,000 matches of Castle Wars played, unlocking the enthusiast cape.44
I reached a total of 5,000 matches of Castle Wars played, unlocking the professional cape.16
I reached a total of 500 matches of Castle Wars played, unlocking the hobbyist cape.77
I unlocked the Golden Cannon ability at the Artisans Workshop in Falador.448
I unlocked the Master Student ability at the Artisans Workshop in Falador.309
I unlocked the Royale Cannon ability at the Artisans Workshop in Falador.318
I visited Varrock Museum and took rightful ownership of my completionist cape.214
Ran the Easter Bunny's factory and gained a squirrel friend.1441
While laying barbarian spirits to rest, I was given a dragon full helm.60
Whilst battling shades in Mort'ton, I looted a necromancer kit.1013
Whilst battling shades in Mort'ton, I looted a shade skull.477
Whilst playing The Great Orb Project, I won a master Runecrafter's hat.39
Whilst playing The Great Orb Project, I won a master Runecrafter's robe.67
Whilst playing The Great Orb Project, I won master Runecrafter's boots.50
Whilst playing The Great Orb Project, I won master Runecrafter's legs.60
Won a fight against the Gnome Champion.42
Won a fight against the Human Champion.51
Won a fight against the Leprechaun Champion.2772
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