Before you can start taking and uploading files of animations you will need to make a wiki account: logged out users cannot upload files to the wiki.

You will also need a tool to record .gif files. GifCam is free and can be used to record decent quality .gifs easily.

Using GifCam

More in-depth instructions can be found on the download page.

  • Drag and resize the GifCam window so that it covers the area used by the animation you wish to record.
  • Adjust your FPS to 33 using the right-click drop down next to Rec. In the drop down next to Save button select the option for Quantize/Nearest depending in which form the .gif works best.
  • Press record and play the animation you want to capture.
  • If necessary use the Edit button to delete, crop or resize frames from the .gif by clicking on them.
  • When you are happy Save the .gif.


Uploading a .gif is done in the same way as uploading a regular file.

A file already exists

If there is an existing file you should a upload a new version of this rather than creating a new file.

  • You can find the file's name by editing a page where it is used.
  • Search for that file name.
  • Use the "Upload a new version of this file" option under File History or the right-click "replace" option on the right click next to the edit button.

A new file

If there is no previous file to upload over you should create a new file.

  • Go to the Images tab of the navbar and select "Add a new file".
  • Choose the file you want to upload.
  • Ensure an appropriate file name is entered into the "Filename" field .
    • Our Image policy contains standards for how to name different kinds of file here.
    • File extensions should be lower case, e.g. .png rather than .PNG.

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