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All pages on the wiki have an associated talk page. Talk pages can be used to discuss changes to articles on the wiki. Talk pages are found in the Talk: name space, e.g. for Gower Quest the talk page would be found at Talk:Gower Quest. You can find a page's talk page by clicking the dropdown button next to the Edit button and select Talk.

Editing a talk page

If no one has posted a message on the talk page before, you will be prompted to create it while posting your message.

If a talk page already exists you select Add topic to make a new section with your comment. Use the drop down arrow next to this to Edit this section if you want to make an edit in a previous section

Editing a talk page is similar to editing any other page: see source mode basics for basic editing help if you haven't already. Additionally you may need to add indentation to show when your comment is in response to someone else's. This is done by adding a colon (:) before your comment. E.g:

::Another reply



Another reply

You should also always sign after your comment so that other editors can tell who left a message and when it was posted. Sign your comment by writing ~~~~ or by hitting the signature button (Signature button.png). E.g:

Comment. ~~~~


Comment. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 15:18, January 21, 2017 (UTC)

New users will leave a standard signature which has plain links to their user page and shows the time at which their post was made. If you like you can create a custom signature (like the one above), you can find out more about doing that here.

User talk pages

All users also have talk pages. These kind of talk pages are found in the User talk: name space, e.g. For User:Example would have the talk page User_talk:Example. User talk page can be used to communicate directly with other editors.

If you have made an account you can access your own talk page by clicking on your account options and selecting My Talk. If someone leaves you a message on your talk page you will have a notification that displays until you dismiss it or you view your talk page.

Archiving your talk page

If you want to remove messages from your talk page you should archive them rather than just deleting them. To archive your talk page create a new page as a subpage of your user talk: for example for User_talk:Example you could create User_talk:Example/Archive1. Cut and paste any messages you want to archive onto your new page. Make sure that your subpage is linked on your main talk page.

Bigger discussions

Main article: RS:AD

While smaller changes affecting individual pages can be discussed via their talk pages, larger changes to the wiki should be discussed centrally. Writing a comment on a discussion is done in the same way as commenting on talk pages. Follow the instructions given on the page for each type of discussion for help on creating a new discussion.

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