This page lists all donations the Events Team have received. We thank everyone here greatly; you've helped us host some great events! Should you wish to donate, please contact any member of the Events Team.

Current ET donation pot: 150,000,000

Recent donations
Date Donator Donation
24 August Raggles 100M coins
8 March Nz Kitty 50M coins
2 June Exor Solieve 113M coins
29 March Exor Solieve 15M coins
8 November Xerien IX 10 yew seeds
100 cactus spines
29 October King Kolton9 1M coins
2 March King Kolton9 500K coins
26 October Haidro 10,555,555 coins
26 July A proofreader 130M coins
30 May AstrasWife 2 Karil's tops
2 Karil's skirts
14 February Ephedra 2M coins
14 February Pharos 5 10M coins
6 December Coolnesse 1M coins
3 December Jim teh Mage 2M coins
100 Saradomin brews
8 October Xarkanos 750K coins
23 September Hairr 500K coins
10 September Wristwatch 300K coins
9 June Degenret01 6M coins
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