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The Fremennik Trials

  • P2P
  • Unique
  • No skill/quest requirements but bring a specified color of fremennik cape, clothes, and hat.
  • Danger rating - absolute zero, may change to danger one

Everyone wears green fremennik clothing, and we start in the Relleka marketplace, from where we pair up, and the pairs have to stay within seeing distance from each other, and the first pair to lumbridge wins CAKE from me! -Ice Rush12Zaros symbolTalkHiscores 17:33, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

Zamorak GWD

*F2P or P2P - (P2P)
*Type - (Boss)
*Requirements 70 constitution - (Levels/Quests/Equipment/etc)
*Danger - (rating4/5) (Your graves will be blessed!)

(It's definetly tough, all drops will be split via coinshare)
Saber56789 (talk) 01:42, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

(Armadylic GodWars)

  • F2P or P2P - (P2P)
  • Type - (Boss)
  • 70 ranged I still think - (Levels/Quests/Equipment/etc)
  • Danger - (rating/5) (all graves blessed one isn't person who supposed to bless gets kicked from chat)

(Face armadyl's wraith!)

- Ultimatestat (talk) 13:30, October 12, 2012 (UTC)


===(The Plague Death Pleatau)===
P2P - (F2P/P2P)
no requirements

basically you should add some frogs and some mice and rats all over the death pleatau and have them drop poison which can be exchanged for general store coins.

PVP In The Wilderness

  • F2P or P2P = P2P
  • Type = PVP
  • Requirements = any level,Ready to risk or die.
  • Danger = 4/5

Extra Information, It will Be held In the Wilderness At The 50s!

Polypore staffCrygypt79 Mages' book 03:00, June 24, 2012 (UTC)!

Saradomin Spammage

  • F2P or P2P - P2P
  • Type- Boss
  • Requirements- 70 Agility, Death Pleatau, Troll Stronghold, 80+ Melee Stats, any Chaotic, good Melee/Mage tanking armour just in case
  • Danger - 3/5-5/5

We'll just have the person being targetted run. The others will continue whittling away at her Life Points. All drops to be shared equally among people who reach above requirements.

Skilling at Citadel

  • F2P or P2P - P2P
  • Type - Unique
  • 'Requirements - 'RSW Member
  • Danger - 0/5

Every member of RSW clan gathering resources for the citadel at the same time to max out our resource cap.

Cooking Contest

  • F2P or P2P - F2P
  • Type - Unique
  • Requirements - 32 Cooking
  • Danger - 0/5

3 or 2 event team person will be the judges... We attenders bring our home made food. Make 3 or 2 of it depending of how many judges there are... bring the same food you first made. If 2 brought the same food.. one will hav to make a different one. (You can bring spare food). This will be held in the cook's guild.

Team Dungeoneering

  • F2P or P2P - F2P
  • Type - Minigame
  • Requirements - 40 Dungeoneering
  • Danger - 0/5

Teams of 5 goes to different dungeoneering floors and level up their skills! Requires Teamwork E.g. with cooking food or smithing armour for your teammates.

Wizard Killer

  • F2P or P2P - F2P
  • Type - Unique
  • Requirements - 30 Attack, 40 Defence
  • Danger - 5/5

The events team will hand out rune armor and adamant armor for everyone and a team 30 cape. Then the team goes around the wilderness killing any wizards they see. {C} —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 21:15, 13 October 2011 (UTC).

Dragon bot killing

  • F2P or P2P - P2P
  • Type - Unique
  • Requirements - Combat level 50+, 40+ attack, 40+ defence, 40+ strength
  • Danger - 4/5

you will need to bring your own armor and your own food, potions (at your own risk), we will all wear Team-36 capes, and we will go to the blue dragon bots and kill them. {C} —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 03:17, 19 October 2011 (UTC).


  • F2P or P2P - Both
  • Type - Unique
  • Requirements - None
  • Danger - 0/5

Loosely based on this game; the event would take place over a weekend, and work as follows:

  • Participants sign up for the event on the wiki by some specified time before the event.
  • Each participant is assigned a target out of the other participants (they would be divided into F2P and P2P), and informed of their target's in-game name by private message.
  • Over the course of the weekend, the participants play runescape as usual.
  • If a player sees their target in game on the designated world (other worlds are considered safe areas), they announce this in the fc (and right click and take a screenshot in case there is dispute). The victim is eliminated from the event, and the victim's target becomes the eliminator's new target.
  • Participants are not required to be online or on the designated world at any time. However doing so will increase their chance of winning; the event mods take a list of players who are in the fc on the designated world at random times throughout the event (roughly every couple of hours, say).
  • When the event finishes, the winner is the remaining participant. If multiple participants remain, the one who was online the most (according to the random checks) is the winner.

- Stewbasic 04:50, October 24, 2011 (UTC)

What about when players never log in? They deny their assassins any opportunity to kill them, while their assassins may spend a lot of time online, increasing the chance of becoming a victim. Also the assigned victims of the players who never log in have no risk whatsoever. It may be necessary to limit the time span of the event and make everyone join an fc so that online status can be monitored more closely. Players shouldn't necessarily be disqualified for random disconnects, but if they log out for more than, say, 5 minutes, then it's the same as if they're killed. It's just an idea. --User:Saftzie/Signature 08:37, October 24, 2011 (UTC)

Wilderness Dancing Day

  • F2P or P2P
  • Type - Dance
  • Requirements - none
  • Danger - 3/5

Go to a high risk wilderness world. The events team hands out team 30 capes and everyone goes to Edgeville. Everyone runs into the Wilderness and starts to dance. We cover most of the Wilderness outside of Edgeville. {C  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 23:03, 24 October 2011 (UTC).

Corporeal Beast 1-hit

  • P2P
  • Type - (Boss)
  • Requirements - (60 Ranged/Summer's End/Dark Bow/)
  • Danger - (4/5)

Everyone goes to Corporeal Beast with a Dark Bow and everyone fires at once. The beast (hopefully) gets killed in a split second because of the damage.


- Hydrumin 03:45, October 27, 2011 (UTC)

Tormented Demon Massacre

  • F2P or P2P - (P2P)
  • Type - (Boss)
  • Requirements - (While Guthix Sleeps, 70+ range or 70+ att and 70+ str)
  • Danger - (4/5) (Decent chance of dying, but graves will be blessed)

- Liimujx 18:43, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

Dragith Nurn Destrucion (another Nurn bites the dust)

  • F2P or P2P - (P2P)
  • Type - (Boss)
  • Requirements - ("The Blood Pact" completed and a moderately high level)
  • Danger - (1/5) (Can hit 30s)

(the goal of this event is to kill multiple Dragith Nurns at the same time, Proving you are a master of disaster at Nurnination. Be sure to bring your best weapon. (Whip, Godsword, Chaotics, Dragon longsword/scimitar))

-Sheldon Cooper

K'ril Slinging

  • F2P or P2P - (P2P)
  • Type - (Boss)
  • Requirements - (70 Hitpoints)
  • Danger - (rating/5) (5 (0 - nothing lost))

(The main goal of this event is to try and k'ril tsutaroth. But, there is a twist! You may only bring armour that protects you from all factions in the GWD. once we enter the chamber however, you must remove ALL armour. (Inc. Jewelery) You may not use any potions and can only use your limited amount of prayer points. If you have 99 prayer, great! You cab last a lot longer than those with 43 prayer... To enter the chamber we can kill imps.) - An Epic Fail (Runescape Username)

Clan Vexilium Hunt

  • F2P or P2P - F2P (with P2P possibilities)
  • Type - Unique
  • Requirements - None, but teleports, weight reducing clothing, etc. suggested
  • Danger - 0/5 - 5/5, depends on the hiding spot (Ex. 5/5 in Wilderness)

The game is similar to regular hide and seek, hiders would take their vexilliums and plant them in various places in Geilnor. The challenge is to find the most vexilliums. The verification process would involve the finder private messaging the player who planted it (although all hiders would disperse at the beginning, only 5-15, depending on how many hiders we have, would actually leave vexes.). If the player is correct, they may begin searching for others while the game masters (owners of the friend chats) will announce the find. After 10-15 minutes all players would return to start point and prizes doled out, while hiders recall their vexes.

Axslayer33-the ultimate killer 23:03, January 15, 2012 (UTC)

God Wars Nex Hunt

  • F2P or P2P - P2P
  • Type - Boss
  • Requirements - 70 Ranged, Strength, Agility, and Constitution (for frozen key) and excelent combat stats for Nex herself.
  • Danger - (5/5) Nex is the second most powerful monster out there. It's gonna be rough.

If this event is done, make sure you bring your best armour. With enough people, defeating Nex will only be a moderate difficulty. It'll be fun one, none-the-less.

- Scaper12123 15:21, January 17, 2012 (UTC)


  • F2P or P2P - (F2P or P2P)
  • Type - (Unique, wilderness extinction)
  • Requirements - (None, decent to high combat stats/equipment helpful)
  • Danger - (5/5) (Dangerous activity, bring only things you can afford to lose)

(As foretold by Olden Norse Mythology, Ragnarǫk, the battle to end all battles, will be fought by the gods. Or, in our case, the players. Players are split into teams and sent out into the wilderness to hunt enemy players, but NOT enemy teams -- just random players who are out hunting in the wilderness. Each team is headed by someone willing to accurately keep count of kills (and take screenshots/videos or just be trustworthy in their counting). Each kill gets a point. Whoever scores the most points wins, and gets a prize of some kind (to be determined later, funded by myself - if this idea is liked enough I'll open up for minor donations) and split amongst the team. Furthermore, any loot obtained during the trip is kept and split FAIRLY amongst the team members.

If a teammate is eliminated, you can either press on without him, or forfeit - teammates will not be allowed to rejoin the hunt (but will be allowed to get their gear back if possible). If an entire team is wiped out, regardless of points they are eliminated. Therefore, if only one member of a team is remaining and lasts the time limit, they can turn in their points!

Planned grand prize would be directly proportional to number of people participating/teams - I am unsure of how large normal PK teams are, but I think 6 per team is a fairly decent number. Assuming four teams (24 players!), I would like the pot to be at or around 300m - aside from all the loot potentially obtainable via the trip, that seems like a fairly decent sized opening pot to compete for.

If this gets off the ground, I'd love to do two of these a year - a Spring and Fall edition, respectively. Thoughts? )

- Sheep chathead DumuzidSheep chathead 03:23, January 19, 2012 (UTC)

The size of your pk team depends on where you intend on going. If you decide to pk forinthry, be aware that you may meet large teams of 10+ high-levelled people with claws/mauls/steel titans and turmoil who can 2-hit you and do other stuff like that. (Although, this is an excellent opportunity to get free claws by maging+smiting/soul splitting. One team I was in got 2 claws in one trip by massacring another team with ancients.) Pking near the east green dragons can yield decent rewards from killing the solo wizards. In any event, you should have at least one teleblocker and one ice barrager/blitzer per team. FiendOfLight (talk) 14:50, January 23, 2012 (UTC)
Sorry for the lengthy bit of time but thanks for the info. I was hoping to keep this sort of away from dungeons and whatnot, just top-world player hunting. However, judging by the current state of members PVP, most people are in the 1-15 range anyways of Wilderness so vOv. I understand this event might not see the light of day, since most of the Wiki members are players who dislike pvp/are afraid to lose their items, regardless of the potential wealth they could earn, but I'd still like to try and drum up support. Sheep chathead DumuzidSheep chathead 18:22, February 6, 2012 (UTC)

Afro Day

  • F2P or P2P - P2P
  • Type - Unique
  • Requirements - None
  • Danger - (0) (no fighting)

(we have a bunch of ppl going around in the GE (or wild) wearing nothing but purple afros(they are only 50gp each too, and confusing people with all of our afros)

- 08:15, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

God war of the 5th age

  • F2P (and maybe P2P)
  • Minigame
  • Higher Combat, good armour and combat items
  • Good food and other combat items recommended


The location will be the clan wars white (and possible red to) portal(‘s) Because I think this event will be at the F2P worlds, The only gods will be Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak.

The Storyline

The story is based at: At the year 169 of the 5th age, a war starts between Saradomin forces and Zamorak forces, because the amount of soldiers was so big, Gielinor was in trouble. Guthix send some forces to intercept the war.

The Armies

The game is based at three armies, The Saradomin army, The Zamorak army and the Guthix army.

The Saradomin army, who will fight against the Zamorak army

The Zamorak army, who will fight against the Saradomin army

The Guthix army, who will try to prevent that the Saradomin and Zamorak army will not reach each other.

The Item Setups

Of course any type of item can be in inventory, but It can be handy if you will wield the items of the god your fighting for. Also a teamcape is needed. Please don’t wear items of multiple gods, this will cause to confusion. Note that you can also take members objects to the free world, although this will give you no bonuses, its only cosmetic. Note that rings can’t really been seen.


Note that his colours are: Red and black

  • Team-46 cape
  • Zamorak rune armour
  • Black wizard robes
  • Priest gown
  • Zamorakian cultist items of The Blood Pact


Note that his colours are: White, blue, yellow and cyan

  • Team-26 cape
  • Saradomin rune armour
  • Monk's robes
  • Holy Symbol
  • Blue wizard robes
  • Ring of devotion

Note that his colours are: Green and possibly Cyan/Turquoise

  • Team-36 cape
  • Druidic mage robes
  • Green afro
  • Green partyhat
  • Green Halloween mask
  • Guthix rune armour
Multiple gods
  • Green dragonhide

Event date



Saradomin swordQUILAFAFile:Zaros symbol black.svg TalkArmadyl helmet (charged)

17:15, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

(The Plague Death Pleatau)

  • P2P - (F2P/P2P)
  • minigame - (Minigame)
  • anything - (Levels/Quests/Equipment/etc)
  • ' none - (rating/5) (extra information)

basically you should add some frogs and some mice and rates all over the death pleatau and have them drop poison which can be exchanged for general store coins.

Bandos Boss

F2P or P2P (P2P)

Type: Boss

Requirements: 70 strength, good combat gear

Danger: 3/5 if someone is tanking 4/5 if someone is not

8:25, July 2, 2012 (Eastern)

Black Death Plataue

F2P or P2P (P2P)

Type: Boss

Requirements: 70 strength, good combat gear

Danger: 3/5 if someone is tanking 4/5 if someone is not

8:25, July 2, 2012 (Eastern)

Giant Mole

F2p or P2P (P2P)

Type: Boss

Requirements: good combat stats, good melee armour, light source, spade

Danger: 2/5 if someone is tanking, 3/5 if not

If you happen to die, the other members of this event will bless your gravestone, giant mole lair is relatively easy to get to.

Tips for if you die: Keep the light source unless you are using barrows armour, if using degradable armour, keep that, make sure you have an extra light source and spade in bank just in case of death

(Clan Wars Machinima)

  • F2P or P2P - (F2P)
  • Type - (Minigame)
  • Requirements - (None)
  • Danger - (0%) (Bring good F2P armour, such as Rune, or some D'hide or just come for the fun of it)

(Extra general information) ~ For this event we'd just be trying to gather as many people as possible to be a part of the clan wars. Have some fun, and while that's all going on there'd be one, or a few people recording the footage and that footage would be created into a Machinima that'd be added to the Main page as an introduction for the RS Wikia that'd be creative and fun to watch.

- It may seem a little too simple, but, hey, people like simple. Hope you guys give it a thought.

- 00:38, November 3, 2012 (UTC)

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