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Spring Wikifest 2014

  • Friends Chat - Fly Fawkes, Gaz Lloyd (overflow), Oil4 (overflow)
  • Location - Falador Party Room lobby, W39
  • Date & Time
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7:00 pm
Sat, 29 Mar
11:00 am
Sat, 29 Mar
12:00 pm
Sat, 29 Mar
1:00 pm
Sat, 29 Mar
2:00 pm
Sat, 29 Mar
7:00 pm
Sat, 29 Mar
8:00 pm
Sat, 29 Mar
6:00 am
Sun, 30 Mar

Two events will be held during the Wikifest, first a large drop party containing 200,000,000 in dropped prizes will occur followed by the playing of Soul Wars.

Drop Party

Events Team 29 March 2014 1

The drop party will be the first event. Roughly 200 million coins worth of items shall be dropped using the Falador Party Room.

More information about the Falador Party Room can be found here, and more information about drop parties can be found here.

  • Requirements:
    • None

Items dropped

The drop will roughly consist of these items. There might be some differences between the final drop and this list, for various reasons.

Feel free to bring your own items for the drop as well!

Item Quantity Price per Total price
Spirit shards 1,000,000 23 23,000,000
Armadyl hilt shard 240 12,876 3,090,240
Frost dragon bones 1,000 16,991 16,991,000
Grimy lantadyme 2,500 7,551 18,877,500
Grimy torstol 3,000 5,389 16,167,000
Off-hand drygore mace 1 36,894,083 36,894,083
Coins 10,000,000 N/A 10,000,000
Mahogany plank 7,500 1,321 9,907,500
Bowstring 50,000 383 19,150,000
Polypore staff 20 2,363,490 47,269,800
Lantadyme seed 100 726 72,600
Calquat tree seed 600 321 192,600
Dragon claw 1 67,043 67,043
Off-hand dragon claw 1 53,150 53,150
Archers' ring 2 52,217 104,434
Abyssal whip 2 71,940 143,880
Whip vine 2 85,607 171,214
Maple logs 100,000 108 10,800,000
Cabbage 10,000 900 9,000,000
Total price 221,952,044

Soul Wars

Events Team 29 March 2014 2

Soul Wars will occur after the drop party has taken place. The event will move from the party room to the Soul Wars lobby. All players should enter using the green portal to keep games fair.

  • Requirements:
    • None (But high combat and Slayer levels help)


Please read this page first if you have never played Soul Wars before.

When you arrive at the Soul Wars lobby, you will also be able to ask Nomad/Zimberfizz for a very brief tutorial of the game.


Avatar of CreationAvatar of DestructionJelliesPyrefiendJelliesJelliesPyrefiendPyrefiendAvatar of CreationAvatar of DestructionSoul Wars map


High combat level: Focus on killing players in the important areas (Graveyard and obelisk) and, when you are able to, the opposite team's avatar. If your team begins to lose the lead you should begin collecting soul fragments and weakening the opposing team's avatar.

Low combat level, 30+ slayer: Focus on killing the Pyrefiends and Jellies that surround the main part of the map. Collect the soul fragments that they drop and deposit them at the Soul obelisk in the center of the map. (Note: This can only be done if your team has control of the obelisk)

Low combat level, low slayer level: Focus on supporting your teammates by using Bandages on them (heals them) or by burying bones in a graveyard controlled by your team (strengthens your avatar).


Soul Wars info

To help players keep track of all of the useful information, there is a display in the top-right corner of the screen.

  • West Graveyard (left) - which team controls the graveyard (none, red, or blue)
  • Soul Obelisk (centre) - which team controls the obelisk (none, red, or blue)
  • East Graveyard (right) - which team controls the graveyard (none, red, or blue)
  • Avatar deaths - The number of times the avatar has been killed.
  • Avatar level - The current Slayer level of the avatar. Starts at 100.
  • Avatar health - The current health (Lifepoints) of the avatar. 100% is 10,000 life points.
  • Time left - The time left for the game to finish. Each game lasts 20 minutes.
  • Activity bar (far right of display)- Shows the player's level of activity. The bar diminishes and changes from green to orange to red over time, but can be replenished when a player fights, uses soul fragments, buries bones, uses bandages on teammates, or dies during the game. When the bar is completely depleted, the player is removed from the game without zeal, and cannot rejoin the waiting lobby for 10 minutes. Recently, Jagex changed it so that players do not receive activity for using bandages on teammates that are already at full health. If player gets disconnected from the game from losing internet connection due to lag, they cannot rejoin the waiting lobby.

Tools provided

  • Bandages - Restores 10% of a player's health and 50% of their run. Can be used on other players, provided they have accept aid on.
  • Barricades - Can be set up to obstruct players and help defend important areas. Often used near the team's avatar to slow players who are coming to attack it. Use them wisely as only 10 can be placed by each team at any time. (Note: When placed, obstructs players from both teams.)
  • Explosive potions - Instantly destroys barricades.


A list of strategies can be found here.


For a detailed list of the rewards, see here.

Reward points or "Zeal" can be spent on experience, summoning charms, pets or on a "gamble" option which randomly selects a prize consisting of items, normally of a high value.

Questions? Comments? Ask away!

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