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How Has The Wiki Improved RuneScape For Me by Qwert Yuiop8

The RuneScape Wiki was the only reason that I played RuneScape. I am a primarily Free To Play (F2P) player. This means that I will sometimes get very bored of playing and may leave for a few days or longer. Then I will be sitting in class and remember some of the memories like this… When I had first joined the Wiki on one of the first few days I joined there was a random event of about 20 people down on Musa Point. I made the long walk down there, in the days before the Explorers Ring. I arrive in my first set of rune armour when I see some of the likes of Brux, Steler, and Jedi. In the events that followed we all took a picture (As seen below), that is the sole thing that keeps me coming back to this game. Without it I would never be playing.

It’s that first day where the amazing community welcomed a Noob. This community doesn’t care if you are a level 3, 126 or 138. It doesn’t matter if you’re British or American, Brazilian or Australian. As long as you join in the fun, The Wiki is glad to have you. Religious tension is not a problem here because we are all the same. We have all used the Cooks Assistant Quest Guide at least once. It’s those ties that keep me at it. Without that first step of community outreach I would have never been ranked. I would have never met some incredible people, I wouldn’t know how to speak Latin, most of all, I wouldn’t know my best In Real Life friend if it weren’t for these people.

Since that day years ago, I’ve had other reasons to stay and depart from RuneScape. Many of the reasons I’ve left are because of the Wiki, but that happens to the best of us, we all get lost. We choose a different path away from this fictional escape. Wherever these paths may take each of us, we know one thing. The Wiki will be here. It will accept us all again no matter how big of a blowout we had when we left. It all goes back to the theory of the Wiki never dying in our hearts.

When I left the Wiki shortly I had no regret, but when I returned I was forgiven. I was embraced with open arms, sent back on the right track. I know that we aren’t just a fan site. We are an interweb of people who can together make playing this game better for each other, and the overlying population of Our Game. I hope that if anyone ever reads this essay they can realize what RuneScape would be without the RuneScape Wiki. Imagine how many people could write this same story of me. It’s a story that is in all of us, we all have experienced the outreach here. We love this place, and as much as we get sick of editing, we can always come back to it.

When it comes down to it for me, I felt that I had to keep playing because of this. Midwinter I was ranked in the ClanChat (R S Wikia, Everyone should join!). This gave me a sense of pride that I wanted to make the clan a better place for all, I would try to play more just so that I could help to stop anything I see wrong. Now after the updates of April 12, 2011, I have no use anymore. I’m drifting away again from this place again. I’ll still play RS because of my friends and all, but the tie to the Wiki has been severed once again. I need some way to reconnect to the past. Too many friends have left, and not enough returned. If we don’t see a change this could soon be the end of a great age. It’s been coming for a while. Many agree that the “old days” were way better. Now, as I write this essay on the spot. I think I’ve realized it. I am going to return the CC to its former glory. The way the RuneScape Wiki has improved my RuneScape experience is always giving me a home to return to. We make an impact on every player in some way. Thank you for keeping me playing this game. Thank you for giving me a purpose.

-Qwert Yuiop8

I could literally almost taste that crown by Oblantic

I could literally almost taste that crown. The sparkle and excitement overwhelmed me over this one simple goal. I had always looked up to that one item when I was a wee child. For me, it was the symbol of power and ultimate rule and for some; it was an item that they avoided. Who wouldn’t want to put that golden slab on top of their head and call themselves the king of a country?

It all started on February 23rd, 2010. My friend was the first to get the item out of the rest of us. He put it in high-regards and made the testimonial of, “It makes me look super-fly!” Myself, I wasn’t a huge fan of cosmetic items. They weren’t in any form practical except to look flashy when you went on the town to Varrock Square. What could I possibly do with a hat in the middle of battle? Throw it at the monster to fend it off? That’s comparable to bringing a knife to a gun fight. Later that day, I was invited to that very friend’s house. He was hosting a party to celebrate his new fantastical item. A tad bit eccentric, I know, but his parties were always amazing to attend. His “crib” was decked out in the finest furnishings in Gielinor and the dungeon was one of the meanest around. At the door, I was greeted by the demon butler as usual and rushed into the main room to meet the fellow guests. Then I saw it- the royal crown. That golden block on top of his head was that object in the stories I always dreamed about. The nostalgia rushed back to my head and I suddenly remembered what my childhood had consisted of. I could dream up anything as a child and one of them was being the ruling queen of a kingdom. I inquired about it and then the party soon ended.

Once I left the luxurious house, I hit the internet to do some further research on this piece of my childhood. Of course the first stop would always be RuneScape Wiki. It was the one-stop place to get all my information in a condensed version that still has the maximum information. I quickly punched on the keys to find the result I was looking for. The main objective of the search was to visualize that beautiful crown on top of my own pixelated head. Would it make me look like the King of Burger King or the queen of England? RuneScape Wiki provided just that for me. It had extensive photographs of a player with the crown on and the visualization was more real than ever.

I started on my quest to receiving a crown for my own cranium. After slaving away at trees and rocks, it was time to cash in. However, there was only one more obstacle on the road to the Grand Exchange. My friend had decided that he didn’t want to be the king of the party anymore. He wanted to relinquish his crown to someone else. I thought to myself, “I could be the one of receives that crown!” Although instead of selling it like the usual player would, he decided to throw a contest for the one who could answer this one question. “What is the difference in coins between a party hat and a royal crown?” Now this is a fairly simple question for majority of the players. All it takes is some simple math and research and you could have that answer in no time. My friends took some random guesses, but only two of us had really tried for the answer. Of course, I had trotted over to RuneScape Wiki and started the quick process of looking up the prices. It only took a couple of clicks and I immediately had the answer. I typed in the seemingly simple numbers and my friend was only one second after me. I had won the crown!

My friend of course had to hold a coronation party for relinquishing the crown which was an honor for me. The crown meant more to me by receiving it from a friend than simply purchasing it from the lifeless Grand Exchange. I had always wished for that moment to have a crown on my head; to be the ruler of a country. Now I had that wish except for the kingdom party and it was all thanks to RuneScape Wiki!

Sincerely, Oblantic

Dreams of Flicking a Whip by H.C.

I was a noob. Undoubtedly hopeless. This game seemed to be so much easier for everyone else. Everyone had more money, and better stats. My friends and I played together, but before long, they detached from me as they went on to bigger and better quests.

Lonely, I stood in the mine, swinging my adamant pickaxe, mining gold for the hopes of obtaining that precious rune armor. Alas, I had it, I had my armor, my glorious, magnificent, shining teal armor.

It was not two days after I had painstakingly earned my rune, when my friend shows his fully trimmed Saradomin rune. I stared in disbelief. He told me that it took him forever… two weeks. That's it. Two weeks and he gets four million coins.

I asked him, "HOW?!?!?!?".

He explained,"you just gotta know where the money is".

I snapped. The next few hours consisted of hundreds of google searchs, ranging from," making money on runescape", to,"GIVe mE soMe FReAkin rs GOld!!!!". I definitely ran a few virus scans after that.

I'm back in the mine, at least this time, with a rune pickaxe attempting to acheive my goal of having full Saradomin rune (no envy there, aye?). I only stayed a couple of hours due to the nauseating sea of botters. I tried to relax myself by going to the duel arena, maybe win a couple stakes or just take the pride in, "pwning sum nubs!".

Later, my buddy sends me a private message,"Hey, where you at?".

I replied,"oh just at the duel arena".

Moments later, he shows up, glowing with his full Saradomin armor and his dragon battleaxe.

He then says,"hey fight me, i want to show you something cool".

So, of course, I want to see what's up.

"3","2","1","Fight!", as goes the typical battle cadence.

He runs at me, I turn on all of my prayers.

He roars,"Raarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!".

I was being pummled and there was nothing I could do about it. Every hit, with his awesome dragon weapons, thrashed my life points; 201, 178, eat some food, 243. But what I saw next just blew me away. He whips out what looks like a white rope.

I laugh at him,"Nice rope lol", but unexpectedly, I get no response.

It wasn't till after I saw a flash of the number 352 and inevitable,"Oh dear, you are dead.", I realized that the “rope” was not a rope.

He sent me a snide remark,"how'd you like that?".

I then asked,"what’s that weapon".

He replied,"That my friend, is an abyssal whip."

A whip?

I asked,"where can I get that".

His response, "ha, you buy it for 3m".

Back to the search engine. I search for, "abyssal whip". Carefully, I analyze each individual result: "How to make millions", "Get your rs gold today", "Runescape blah blah...".

Then, I found something quite unexpected, "The RuneScape Wiki - Skills, quests, guides... ".

This intrigued me. Click. What I beheld was the most information on one single Runescape item than I have ever seen. Not only was there information on what it was, it had info on what it does, where to get it, how much it costs, and even trivia. This page reawakened my vision. I looked through all the guides, all the money making techniques. Although, this excitement was shortly lived. I learned that the whip would require not only three million coins, but also level 70 attack.

From the guides, I made the best choice, at least in my opinion. I chose a guide which would earn me combat experience while earning me money, killing flesh crawlers. From the guide I learned what drops to keep and not to keep to maximize profit. This would take a while though. It doesn't really help if you start with level 50 attack with well over 600,000 experience points to get to level 70.

Flesh crawler, loot, bank. This was the trend for a week. Yep, just a week and I had enough coins for a whip and 70 attack. This was a momentous occasion me. I decided to show off to my buddy.

"Hey want to fight me?", I challenged.

"Ok", he answered.

We get ready to fight. I pull out my whip.

He says,"hey you got one".

I was killing him, and quite fast too. He was down to about 15% health. He quickly swaps his armor and weapon. It was a dark green armor and he had a huge axe. He swings his axe, 435. Crap...