The Grand Exchange Market Watch is a guide and information resource for you to track prices and other information for items traded on the Grand Exchange within the RuneScape game. The information here is obtained from other traders and players who use the exchange, and you are encouraged to help participate in sharing this trading information.

Random item

Market indices

The following are some "average prices" to try and get an idea of the general health of the RuneScape economy. As of 9 December 2007, the index was started at a base value of 100, and the current value is a general reflection of how prices have gone up or down since then.

Index As of today Change Historical Chart
Common Trade Index 158.11 Up +0.43
Discontinued Rare Index 4,921.30 Up +0.00
Rune Index 573.23 Up +0.30
Log Index 829.87 Up +4.95
Food Index 455.18 Down -1.34
Metal Index 309.89 Up +3.34
Herb Index 393.10 Down -1.81

Item information

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Items by skill

Skill Details
Construction Construction Building supplies, garden supplies, and nails
Mahogany bookcase (flatpack) Construction flatpacks Construction flatpacks
Cooking Cooking Food, ingredients, and cooking urns
Crafting Crafting Leather, jewellery, and crafting items
Divination Divination Energies, signs, and portents
Farming Farming Seeds, farmer payments, and farming tools
Firemaking Firemaking Light sources and logs
Fishing Fishing Fish, baits, fishing equipment, boosts, and fishing urns
Fletching Fletching Logs, unstrung bows, and other Fletching items
Herblore Herblore Herbs, ingredients, potions, and flasks
Hunter Hunter Camouflage gear, supplies, drops, baits, and boosts
Magic Magic Runes, wizard clothing, staves
Strength Defence Melee armour Melee armour and accessories
Strength Attack Melee weapons Melee weapons
Mining Mining Pickaxes, ores, gems, essence, and mining urns
Prayer Prayer Bones, potions, prayer armour, prayer items, and prayer urns
Ranged Ranged Ranged weapons, ammunitions, armour, and cannon parts
Runecrafting Runecrafting Runes, essence, talismans, tiaras
Slayer Slayer Slayer equipment, drops, and boosts
Smithing Smithing Ores, bars, weapons, armour, fletching items, and smelting urns
Summoning Summoning Pouches, scrolls, tertiary components, and pet food
Woodcutting Woodcutting Logs, hatchets, jungle area necessities, boosts, and woodcutting urns

Other items

Items Details
Augmentable items Equipment and tools that can be augmented via Invention
Discontinued rare items Holiday drops and discontinued rare items
Non-combat clothing Non-combat clothing
Treasure Trails Coveted items from Treasure Trails
Non-combat minigames Items related to various minigames, except combat minigames
Combat minigames Items related to combat minigames
Most traded items Items which have been in the top 100 most traded list
Alchemy items Items which can be profitable with High Level Alchemy (and Low Level Alchemy)
General Store items Items which can be profitable by sale to a general store
Miscellaneous items Items not otherwise categorised

Updating prices

Prices are updated daily by an automated account that reads prices from the official Grand Exchange database on Should this update script, for any reason, become defunct, there will be an announcement on the main page alerting readers that prices are not being updated automatically. When this is necessary, users should follow the steps outlined here to help update prices, and administrators should follow the steps outlined here.

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