The Grand Exchange Market Watch (GEMW) grew from a need to track trading prices of the Grand Exchange without having to update the prices in the multiple articles for the same item. This article provides the documentation and technical background for editors to understand the workings of the GEMW.


Transclusion (the use of the template functionality to include the same content in multiple articles without having to edit those articles separately) is used in the GEMW for an item's market price. This is achieved by having a separate namespace called Exchange: for the purpose of the GEMW.

By updating the price in only one template (e.g. Exchange:Ranarr seed), the new price will also appear in:

Updating the price of Ranarr seeds in Exchange:Ranarr seed will update the changes in the article Ranarr seed automatically. This is because the Infobox Item parameter |exchange = gemw calls {{GEPrice|Ranarr seed}} for the price (currently at 976 coins).

Grand Exchange templates

See Category:Grand Exchange templates

Infobox templates using GEMW

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Additional features

  • Automatic user updates (with a click of a button)
  • Daily bot updates
  • Interactive historical charts
    • Price charts (for all items)
    • Volume charts (for top 100 most traded items)
  • Market indices
  • Exchange Data pages containing all of the data for every Exchange item
  • Price change indication arrows

Applications beyond GEMW

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