Grand Exchange items profitable by sale to a general store.

Values may have changed since we updated the wiki, so please use at your own risk. Note that the prices are based on the Grand Exchange's guide price.
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  • ROI (return on investment) is calculated by dividing profit with the price of the item
  • Maximum profit is calculated by multiplying profit with the buying limit
ImageItemPriceSell priceProfitROILimitMax profitMembersDetailsLast updated
Adamant javelinAdamant javelin6573812.3%1,0008,000F2P iconview3 hours ago
Araxyte arrow 5Araxyte arrow17818021.1%10,00020,000P2P iconview3 hours ago
Bullseye lantern (frame)Bullseye lantern (frame)75901520%1001,500P2P iconview3 hours ago
CatfishCatfish818211.2%10,00010,000P2P iconview3 hours ago
Clay ring (unfired)Clay ring (unfired)1116545.5%100500F2P iconview2 hours ago
Desert soleDesert sole818100%10,0000P2P iconview2 hours ago
Diseased kebbit furDiseased kebbit fur9189100%100900P2P iconview2 hours ago
Dragon arrow 5Dragon arrow24024000%10,0000P2P iconview2 hours ago
Dragon bolts (e) 5Dragon bolts (e)321318-3-0.9%25,000-75,000P2P iconview2 hours ago
Dragon dartDragon dart1281502217.2%1,50033,000P2P iconview2 hours ago
Fremennik bootsFremennik boots1421955337.3%1005,300P2P iconview2 hours ago
Fremennik cloak (brown)Fremennik cloak (brown)429755131%1005,500P2P iconview2 hours ago
Fremennik cloak (purple)Fremennik cloak (purple)81971619.8%1001,600P2P iconview2 hours ago
Fremennik shirt (brown)Fremennik shirt (brown)70972738.6%1002,700P2P iconview2 hours ago
Gloves (Fremennik)Gloves (Fremennik)81195114140.7%10011,400P2P iconview2 hours ago
Gloves (grey)Gloves (grey)1691952615.4%1002,600F2P iconview2 hours ago
Gloves (purple)Gloves (purple)1751952011.4%1002,000F2P iconview2 hours ago
Gloves (red)Gloves (red)1711952414%1002,400F2P iconview2 hours ago
Gloves (teal)Gloves (teal)1711952414%1002,400F2P iconview2 hours ago
Guthix arrows 5Guthix arrows829089.8%1,0008,000P2P iconview2 hours ago
Guthix balance (unf) (1)Guthix balance (unf) (1)313326.5%1,0002,000P2P iconview2 hours ago
Guthix rest (1)Guthix rest (1)141517.1%100100P2P iconview2 hours ago
Jug of wineJug of wine3338515.2%1,0005,000F2P iconview2 hours ago
Mithril arrow 5Mithril arrow222200%10,0000F2P iconview109 minutes ago
Mixture - step 2 (3)Mixture - step 2 (3)667269.1%100600P2P iconview105 minutes ago
Mutated vineMutated vine232414.3%2,0002,000P2P iconview104 minutes ago
Myre snelm (pointed)Myre snelm (pointed)839078.4%100700P2P iconview103 minutes ago
Ochre snelm (pointed)Ochre snelm (pointed)80901012.5%1001,000P2P iconview100 minutes ago
Off-hand dragon javelinOff-hand dragon javelin282300186.4%1,00018,000P2P iconview97 minutes ago
Off-hand rune dartOff-hand rune dart601054575%1,50067,500F2P iconview95 minutes ago
Oil lantern (empty)Oil lantern (empty)143622157.1%1002,200P2P iconview93 minutes ago
Oil lantern frameOil lantern frame102717170%1001,700P2P iconview93 minutes ago
Pirate leggings (brown)Pirate leggings (brown)681053754.4%1003,700P2P iconview84 minutes ago
Pirate leggings (white)Pirate leggings (white)561054987.5%1004,900P2P iconview83 minutes ago
Proselyte hauberkProselyte hauberk3,3823,6002186.4%10021,800P2P iconview78 minutes ago
Rabbit snareRabbit snare154400%100400P2P iconview76 minutes ago
Rune 2h crossbowRune 2h crossbow3,9574,86090322.8%10090,300F2P iconview65 minutes ago
Rune arrow 5Rune arrow15115321.3%10,00020,000F2P iconview64 minutes ago
Rune arrowheads 5Rune arrowheads13013886.2%10,00080,000F2P iconview64 minutes ago
Rune dartRune dart591054678%1,50069,000F2P iconview64 minutes ago
Rune halberdRune halberd9,96638,40028,434285.3%1002,843,400P2P iconview63 minutes ago
Rune javelinRune javelin18218752.7%1,0005,000F2P iconview62 minutes ago
Saradomin arrows 5Saradomin arrows869044.7%1,0004,000P2P iconview56 minutes ago
Swamp pasteSwamp paste297350%100700P2P iconview31 minutes ago
Tiara mouldTiara mould2130942.9%100900F2P iconview24 minutes ago
Unfired pot lidUnfired pot lid132200%100200P2P iconview19 minutes ago
Zamorak arrows 5Zamorak arrows849067.1%1,0006,000P2P iconview6 minutes ago
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