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Grand Exchange Market Watch/Uncategorised is the temporary holding page for Exchange articles that need to be categorised into proper GEMW page(s). The page RuneScape:Grand Exchange Market Watch/Miscellaneous is for items that do not fit into existing GEMW page(s).


  1. Click here for a complete listing of recently added Exchange articles that need to be added to GEMW page(s).
  2. Pick an Exchange page.
  3. Add the Exchange item into the relevant GEMW page(s). (Note: An item can be added to multiple GEMW pages.)
  4. Optional: Update the "Usage" section in the Exchange page itself (not really required as AzBot can do this)
    • Replace *[[RuneScape:Grand Exchange Market Watch/Uncategorised]] with the proper GEMW page(s).

Reason for creation

This page is intended to keep track of all new Exchange items so they are categorised in the GEMW pages correctly.

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