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Interlanguage links may be added to the bottom of any mainspace article. Content may be freely copied and translated with proper attribution; however, for images, a shared repository may be preferred.

The site you are on now ( is the primary wiki for RuneScape and its contents are for English-reading users. MediaWiki, the software that runs this wiki, supports interlanguage linking, giving readers an opportunity to view content in a language that they are more comfortable with.

Instructions for editors of other languages

How do I find a wiki in my language?
All interlanguage wikis are subdomains of the English language wiki, named with their ISO 639-1 codes. If a wiki for any language doesn't exist, it can be created with Wikia's wiki creation tool.
Interlanguage links

The interlanguage links at the bottom of Abyssal whip

How do I know if an article exists in another language?
Most articles that are recognised as having an article in other languages will have a link at the bottom, under the categories (see next question and answer).
How do I add a link to another language?
If a subject has an article in another language, but that language's article is not linked from the English wiki, it can be added. Adding an interlanguage link requires knowing that language's ISO 639-1 code.
At the bottom of the subject's article, create a wikilink consisting of that language's ISO 639-1 code, a colon (:), and the title of that subject's article in that language; for example, [[nl:Bucket]] at the bottom of Bucket links to the Dutch language wiki's article.
Can I use content from this wiki on my wiki?
Yes. Under Wikia's copyright license, content may be copied and modified on other wikis. However, it is important that when copying material, this wiki is attributed as the source. This can be done by using an edit summary, or the entire page history can be imported by administrators with Special:Import.
Can I use images from this wiki on my wiki?
Yes. The answer is almost exactly the same as above, but it also has an easier solution. Your language's wiki can contact Wikia about enabling a shared image repository that will allow you to use files that are uploaded here. Any image that exists here can be used on another wiki with the same image repository, but file names can also exist locally. If a file exists locally, it will be used instead of the file of the same name on the English wiki.
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