This is a list of ideas for improvements to the wiki that have suggested but which no editors are currently working on. Any interested users may take on one of these projects. You can suggest a project on this article's talk page.

  • Game knowledge is split into four main descriptions based upon the width and depth required - none, low, medium, high
  • Wikicode knowledge is given a few main qualifiers:
    • Basic - essentially just being able to write basic articles with any editor (VisualEditor guide)
    • Medium - being able to edit in source mode for better use of images and templates, or for easily bulk editing (source mode guide)
    • Advanced - being able to use more advanced source mode functions, from calculations to template parameters to subst and more
    • Modifiers - additions to mark specific things that you may need for editing
      • +DPL - best tackled with Dynamic Page Lists, either to generate lists needed, or in the solution (DPL guide)
      • +SMW - likely involves using Semantic MediaWiki
      • +Lua - will likely require writing/editing a lua module (lua guide)
      • +AWB - involves so many pages in a simple way that you should probably utilise AutoWikiBrowser (AWB guide)
      • +JS/CSS - involves writing/editing custom Javascript and/or CSS
  • Project size is how big the project 'feels', thinking about things like how many pages it affects, how long each page will take, etc. A medium project may involve a quick edit to a large number of pages, or a significant edit to a single page.
Project Game knowledge Wikicode knowledge Project size Contact Notes
Ironman guide

A guide for ironmen on effectively training skills, tasks and quests to focus on, etc.

Medium-High Basic-Medium Small Gaz Lloyd Much progress has been made on Ironman Mode/Strategies; some more strategy may need to be added.
Ironman support

In addition to the main guide above, work ironman support into many articles. Notes in quest articles, items, even additions to templates and entirely new calculators.

Medium-High There are things to do for all Small-Large, depending Gaz Lloyd You'll probably need to have played an ironman for a while
Money making guides

Create money making guides for new methods.

Medium-High Medium Small (per guide) IsobelJ See existing guides on money making guide for formatting. Suggestions for new methods to test (please add more):

Pages for the new urns types released in the stackable urns update need to be properly filled out with information. There are now urns for Hunter, Divination, Farming, and Runecrafting. Each urn has an (unf), (nr), (r), and (full) variant page to be filled out. See the pages for pre-existing urns for examples of what information should be on each page.

Data is needed about the activities that fill the new skilling urns. This should be presented in a table, for example see decorated mining urn.

The urns page should be updated with information about the new urns.

Medium Medium Small IsobelJ To gather all the data about filling urns you may need an account with a high level in the relevant skill to access all the content that could fill the urns.
Social media documentation

The few pages we have about Jagex's social media presence are outdated and poorly written. You will need to research information about the official, verified Jagex accounts as well as the sites that they are hosted on.

Medium Basic Small - Medium Scuzzy Beta Would probably be beneficial to possess accounts on the relevant websites.
Boss guides

Many of our boss guides are a bit lacking, and sometimes outdated. We could do with experienced PvMers to help us (re)write guides, and to update older guides. A particular focus should be on improving the gear recommendations.

High Basic Small-Medium Gaz Lloyd
Monster strategy guides

Review our monster strategy pages - check they include all relevant information and are up to date for current gear/Evolution of combat.

Medium-High Medium Medium Gaz Lloyd
Chat options for quest quick guides

Make sure all quick guides for quests give chat numbers for quickly skipping through dialogue: see Land of the Goblins/Quick guide for example. All quick guides can be found in Category:Quick guides. You may be able to find out which options are used through video walkthroughs/quest guides. See {{Chat options}}

Basic Basic Medium BrenRS Chat options that are utilizing the template can be spotted by a quick chat icon. Options that are not dot-underlined mean there is no dialogue associated with it.
NPC maps

Standardise NPC maps to use the updated world map and a consistent style. A guide on how to make these maps can be found here. Many NPCs do not currently have a map; their pages may be found in Category:Needs map.

Some of the NPCs may not actually require maps, e.g. if they are found in multiple locations, in this case you can prevent them from being listed as needing a map by adding |map = no to the infobox.

Low - Medium Basic Large IsobelJ It would also be helpful for future maintenance to add correctly categorise any new NPC maps. You can do this by adding Category:NPC maps and the correct subcategory of Category:Maps by area in the upload summary box when uploading the map.
Graphical updates

Complete graphical updates pages by adding images of content which has been graphically updated.

Basic Medium Large Fswe1 Flaws in the project discussed here
Jmod organisation

Granularity for employees of Jagex. To find out more information and for a list of known Jagex employees, see User:JaydenKieran/Jagex.

Basic Medium Medium - Large JaydenKieran As a result of a Yew Grove discussion, there is added information regarding Jagex employee granularity on RS:G. Please follow this policy.
Perk boosts

Expand perk pages with detailed information on the DPS/etc boost the perk provides, as well as interactions. See For some numbers.

High Medium Small-Medium Gaz Lloyd You may need to be able to reproduce the numbers, possibly contact author.
Perk creation

Further implement {{perk suggestion}} on perk pages to give recommendations on making perks. (Possibly solved by the above, but this is generally easier to do in the meantime.)

High Medium Medium Gaz Lloyd
Perk research

We want to know how to work out what perks you will get from an arbitrary input of materials. The two-step process (what generates the list before you make the gizmo, and how does that list turn into a distribution of gizmos) is not truly understood, but we have some internal data which might help

Medium-High None-Basic Large Gaz Lloyd You will likely need a high Invention level. Truly extensive research will also require a lot gizmos to be made and filled with possibly expensive materials. You need to be able to problem solve - this is really about looking at the internal data we have, the in-game result, and working out how the former becomes the latter.
Correct damage reductions

It has been brought to my attention that the damage reduction stats of items is based on the required levels and not their internal tier. This means a bunch of articles have incorrect damage reduction stats on them, which should be fixed. see also

Medium Medium Medium Gaz Lloyd

Update skill training guides to include current, effective training methods. Add base experience rates for methods if possible. Improve formatting of guides (see Pay-to-play Fishing training for an example of how to format). Guides that need to be reworked include combat skills, buyable skills, Slayer and Dungeoneering.

High Medium-Advanced Large IsobelJ The possibility of creating calculators to provide personalised training advice for buyable skills has been previously discussed. Implementing this may require extensive in-game testing of methods and/or work on calculators.
Infobox recipe

{{Infobox Recipe}} should be applied to every Make-X interface item. Additionally, {{uses material list}} should be added to the materials once the infobox has been added to the products.

Low-Medium Medium-Advanced (may need calculations) Small (each), Medium-Large (total) Gaz Lloyd A list of pages that need them can be found here

List of Creation tables for all Make-X item(does not calculate non-skill reqs) can be found here

Current status of the project can be found here
Review existing calculators

Most of our calculators could do with being reviewed - check if they need to be updated with new things, if they need RS:CALC guidelines applied, etc. The review then needs to be implemented, not necessarily by the reviewer.

Medium-High Medium (review), Advanced (possibly +Lua, +JS/CSS, etc) (implement) Small (per calculator), Large (total) Gaz Lloyd
New calculators

There's a bunch of calculator ideas that may or may not have been acted upon. Should you find any interesting, go for it!

Medium-High Advanced (possibly +Lua, +JS/CSS, etc) Small-Large, depends on calculator Gaz Lloyd
Infobox recipe modulisation

Infobox recipe is already a module, but it should be refactored to use Module:Infobox to be standardised.

Low Advanced+Lua Medium-Large Gaz Lloyd This is likely a really complex project
Disassembly by store price

Many items are cheaper when bought from a store to be disassembled. We should have a calculator like Calculator:Disassembly by material using store prices instead.

Low Advanced+Lua+SMW Large Gaz Lloyd This is likely a really complex project. I can see two ways to do this: expand our current SMW, or do a one-time pass and make a lua module (possibly with a bot to maintain the prices if edited or something).
Revolution bars expansion

Revolution/Bars is a great page, but it would be nice to have a full calculator where we can answer the generic question "given these basic abilities, what is the best bar I can make?". This is unlikely to be able to be done in-browser, so bars should be pre-generated and the calculator just finds the best one (or, the best 5 or something).

In a different direction, it would be nice to expand Calculator:Revolution with threshold and ultimate ability support.

Low Medium+JS Medium Gaz Lloyd I already have a bar optimisation program, so please contact me to obtain the source code. It is written in Java, so you will either need to be able to use that, or be able to rewrite in a language of your choice.
Treasure Hunter classifications

Treasure Hunter promotions and rewards have been recently argued over being discontinued or not. To help stop the fighting, some new message boxes have been added. {{TH Item}} and {{TH Promotion}} should be added to their respective pages.

It would also be nice to add a ==Release history== section on the relative pages, in order to better document week long promos, advent calender, and 2nd Chance Tuesday instances of the promotion.

Low Medium Medium Sparky Kitty I have a few examples: Rainbow cape, Lava Lanterns (some pages like this need to be made), and Medium meteorite.
Compass clue images

Many of the location images on Treasure Trails/Guide/Compass are outdated. The images can be found in Category:Treasure Trails compass images. All outdated images should be retaken: you do not need to obtain the clues, just pose in the correct spot in game. The image should include the minimap as in File:Compass clue Al Kharid south-west of lodestone.png.

Low Medium High IsobelJ For very old images it may be difficult to correctly identify the location in the current game, in this case add {{retake|Approximate}} in your upload summary to show that the location should be checked by someone who has the clue.
Farming stage images

Many images of plants' growth stage are obsolete since farming patch graphics were updated. These images can be found in Category:Farming stage images. New versions need to be taken and uploaded. You will need to plant the seed and capture a new image each time that the plant advances a growth stage and changes appearance.

Medium (high Farming levels maybe required to grow all the plants) Medium High IsobelJ It may be possible to use ultra-growth potion (an untradeable drop from hard mode giant mole) to skip waiting wait for stages to advance.

Particular attention should be given to images for maple seed, magic seed, yew seed, spirit seed, fruit tree seeds, and bloodweed seeds; as these trees' graphics have been updated.

Achievement pages

Recently we have decided to document achievements as separate pages on the wiki. Since there are a lot of achievements in-game, any help creating these pages is highly appreciated.

Low Basic-Medium Small (per page), Large (total) ThePsionic A quick-start template is available at User:ThePsionic/Sandbox 2 - open the source editor, copy the contents, and paste it into a new page in order to quickly make achievement pages.

Also note that all achievements should be in Title Case (eg. Back to the Freezer).

Double XP Weekend 'guide'

Include more information about how to prepare for and optimise training during Double XP weekends.

Medium-High Low Small IsobelJ
Travel methods

Check that Location pages have up to date information about how to travel to the area. Add this information for any pages that are missing it.

Medium Low Medium IsobelJ This project is being taken care of by me. Reports on progress will be provided to IsobelJ.
Non-interactive scenery page Medium Basic-Advanced (depending on how project is implemented) Large JaydenKieran Per Forum:Non-interactive Scenery pages there is consensus to create a page listing all non-interactive scenery. It may be possible to use the Jagex cache to gain information about scenery.