Not to be confused with RS:BLOCK or RS:BLOCKED.

This page is intended to be a list of bans that are currently enforced in #rswiki. Users are banned when they frequently break the channel rules. Banned users cannot enter the channel.

While any user who is connected to freenode can view the list of bans by typing /mode #rswiki +b, this list does not have certain features such as expiry dates (all bans that are set are in effect until manually removed) or the appending of comments. This page is intended to supplement the banlist by allowing for the declaration of expiry dates, as well as easily facilitating the discussion and appeal of channel bans. However, because this list is manually maintained by the channel operators, it cannot always be relied on to be perfectly accurate. If you see an entry that is missing or a ban that has expired on this list, please contact a channel operator.

Channel operators may choose to use short-term mutes (+q) instead of bans, if deemed appropriate. For example, a user who is disruptively spamming the channel may be asked to stop, then temporarily muted if they continue. Muted users may enter the channel and view conversation, but may not speak.

To appeal or discuss an IRC ban, please use this page's talk page.

List of current bans

User Ban date Expiry date Reason(s) Banning operator Notes
Dropbox 25 December 2015 Indefinite Being disruptive in IRC as well as in the clan chat Iiii I I I
Reguyla 29 January 2017 Indefinite Harassment on Wikia/IRC/Discord TyA


Akicks are an alternative form of banning. Because only channel managers can set and remove akicks, they should not be used except in the case of long-term bans. The akick list may be viewed with /msg ChanServ akick #rswiki list.

User Ban date Expiry date Reason(s) Banning operator Notes
KevinGetsBurger 10 June 2011 Indefinite Known troll who is banned across Wikia AndorinKato
Megan 25 October 2011 Indefinite Varied/multiple acts of harassment, privacy rights violations, and breaking of real-world laws AndorinKato
Lovely Liquid 24 December 2011 Indefinite Longterm troll with intent to only disrupt Gaz Lloyd

List of current mutes

User Mute date Expiry date Reason(s) Muting operator Notes
No current mutes