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Do not create articles for specific players, clans or friend chats. Existing articles can mention players if they are highly notable to the article.

RuneScape has had many famous players for one reason or another. Everyone knows the highest ranked players, infamous bug abusers, player killers, and players or clans with high combat levels.

However, players, clans, and friend chats do not deserve their own articles. If a page is repeatedly re-created, it can be protected from creation. If you want to make an article about a player, whether yourself or another, make it in your userspace or at the RuneScape Players Wiki. Should you wish to make a page about your clan, the RuneScape Clans Wiki is the place to go. Friend chats are not permitted to be mentioned in mainspace articles as a result of a discussion.

Players are only allowed to be mentioned in articles for a few reasons, all of which should be cited, if possible. The only reasons are that the player is:

  1. Highly notable, such as Durial321's involvement with the Falador Massacre.
  2. Specifically mentioned by Jagex in an official source for the purposes of suggesting or designing content.
  3. A hiscore first (99 or 120 in a skill, 200 million experience, Seasonal HiScores).

Whenever players are mentioned, their usernames should be italicised and unlinked. Player names should always be the name of the player at the time of the achievement, event, etc.; it is not in the interests of the wiki to keep up with any player's name changes.

If players are mentioned in an article for reasons other than those stated above, the name should be removed.

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