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Jr Mime is a knowledgeable editor of the wiki and has made a large positive impact with his editing since becoming active again. He is member of the wiki discord and is very helpful to new people: for example he gave up a considerable amount of time to help User:Manhattan2 take .gifs of special attacks. Jr Mime is often involved in editing following game updates, an area where administrator's tools are often needed to moderate edits made by inexperienced contributors. Given his long history on the wiki I feel he is familiar with our policies and would use the tool appropriately. Magic logs detailIsobelJRaw rocktail detail 12:24, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

I, Jr Mime, accept this nomination for adminship. I have read the policies concerning administrators. I realise that this nomination may fail. If I do get community consensus, I promise not to abuse my tools because I realise that this is a serious offence. If the community finds that I have done so, my tools will be revoked, and in extreme cases I could be given a community ban. Signed, - Jr Mime (talk) [VSTF] 12:30, December 3, 2017 (UTC).

Questions for the nominee

1. What administrative work do you intend to take part in?
Block dumb IPs, merge pages/files, use my good judgement on which people are trying to help or just to destroy this wiki, etc etc.

2. What have been your most helpful contributions to the RuneScape Wiki, and why?
Either all the Hallowe'en 2017 pictures because they are pretty hot and complete or the big special attack rework with Manhattan since they were all sooooo ugly.

3. Have you been in any conflicts over editing in the past or have other users caused you stress? How have you dealt with it and how will you deal with it in the future?
Unless you count all the trolls I gblocked, no conflicts at all, and just "block and ignore!".

4. Should this request be successful, will you request IRC operator?

5. Should this request be successful, do you wish to claim CC Admin rank at this time? If so, please state your current display name.
I'll keep my guest rank.

Note: Per Forum:Wiki admins in the CC all wiki admins will get the clan chat admin rank by default. I'll remove this question from the template. --LiquidTalk 12:58, December 15, 2017 (UTC)

Additional questions (asked by the community if necessary)

Comment - Could you maybe elaborate a bit more on question 2? For posterity Ancient talisman Oil4 Talk 19:23, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

My most RECENT contribution which holds the most value is either my contribution to the 2017 Halloween event, as I helped bring up all the images and articles needed for that event or the big special attack GIF overhaul (with 4 remaining). But, ofc, I always check IP edits when I can and revert them (naughty IPs!). Hope this answers your question. - Jr Mime (talk) [VSTF] 20:58, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Comment - What exactly do you plan to do as a sysop that you can't already do as VSTF? --Sucy_orb_2.pngScuzzy BetaLuna_Nova_sigil.png 21:00, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

I technically am not allowed to use my VSTF tools and I generally do not unless I miss click my buttons or failed an upload. See here. When I have a task that requires an admin, I do ping them instead of using my illegal tools. I'll help the community with them, and try to miss click less. - Jr Mime (talk) [VSTF] 21:11, December 3, 2017 (UTC)


Comment - You call the special attack gifs complete haHaa there’s still like 5 more to do 7:^] Ancient summoning stonemanhattan'Superior Statius's warhammer 18:56, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Even if he still doesn't template his signature. 22px-Logo.svg.png22#.png 19:07, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Don't ping everyone Ty. Twig Talk 772kZGs.png 19:21, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Disable everyone pings if it worries you so much. 22px-Logo.svg.png22#.png 19:28, December 3, 2017 (UTC)
I muted the whole server and still get pinged! ubutt. Twig Talk 772kZGs.png 19:34, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Why not. Seren (with Eluned) chathead MrMightyGamer Talk Seren symbol 19:23, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Tf he is not an admin already? His high use of meme let me think he can be subject to memetical corruption, but meh whatever. Support but we need to watch out. x5sQGus.png  ᚼ 𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝕸𝖆𝖓𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙 ᚼ (t)(c) 19:25, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - I have my reasons Korasi's sword Archmage Elune  TalkHS Void knight deflector fetus is my son and I love him. 19:26, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Always great with a helping hand more and someone to ask questions. Will be a good admin Pre cook (talk) 19:28, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - I am certain that a pokemon will make a good sysop. Small recharge gem AnselaJonla Slayer-icon 19:29, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support and comment. - As a Pokemon myself I can confirm that this Psychic/Fairy type will make a good admin. =3 7kyt1iT.gif --WINE OF GOOD HEALTH (Actually Stinko) 19:39, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

No - Just kidding Yes --Sucy_orb_2.pngScuzzy BetaLuna_Nova_sigil.png 19:33, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - ofc Slayer cape Skrome Talk Slayer cape 19:38, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Maximus Gugu of ArmadylQuick chat button: Your Friendly Neighborhood Artist. 19:41, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Pernix cowl detail MAGE-KIL-R Zaros symbol 19:42, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Sure, Mime can definitely assume the admin role here Yada 20:51, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

whomst the fuck wouldn't support this person Snow globe ThePsionic Enchanted snowball 22:06, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

👌 Support - 58AXzQe.png(talk | contribs) 22:19, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - I think Jr Mime will be a good admin. :) Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) 22:20, December 3, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Has helped me with a lot of image stuff, taught me how to do gifs properly and is all round lovely and active person --Talk-toKelsey 00:43, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

Support - They were one of the first people in the community I interacted with on Discord and gave helpful feedback about some editing. I haven't been here long but this seems like a good idea. Avoriso (talk) 01:29, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Go Jr! Ronan Talk 09:06, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

Partial support - Has replaced most of my gifs from back when I did them, and is shown to be very helpful to other users. Full support will be given once he sends me a box of home made poutine. -- Spined helm SpineTalkBook of knowledge 21:53, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

Support - yay mimey! Also good candidate etc etc. Ajraddatz (talk) 21:55, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

Support - I know you can do the job well. Being a janitor is fairly helpful as well, though I didn’t realize they became so handicapped years after Charitwo. I really thought you were a sysop before this some time ago. Better now than never really. - Ryan PM 09:04, December 6, 2017 (UTC)

Oppose - Eww I don't like VSTF members (jk I luv u ty <3). But primarily I'm opposing because of his refusal to change his name to Jr Meme like it should be. --LiquidTalk 22:19, December 6, 2017 (UTC)

Support - Think everything's already been said Template:Signatures/Ciphrius Kane 01:04, December 13, 2017 (UTC)

Closed - Jr Mime will be granted administrator tools. Weird gloop @Gaz#7521 15:04, December 17, 2017 (UTC)