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This is a page to list and vote on deleted articles, templates and images you think should be brought back to the RuneScape Wiki.


There are multiple positions that can be taken in a RfU.

  • Restore Supporting the nomination to restore/undelete the page in question
  • Keep deleted Opposing the nomination to restore the page in question
  • Neutral No support or oppose to the nomination
  • Comment Comment given analysis of the RfU or nominated page itself. If the commenter has not already taken a position, this is usually considered to be Neutral, though the text may lean in favour of restoring or being kept deleted.
  • Merge A compromise between restoring and leaving the page deleted. Usually the merge will be done with a larger but related page.

Nominating an article for undeletion

To nominate an article for undeletion, enter the name of the article into the box below and click Add new nomination. From there, replace Explanation of why page should be undeleted. with your reasons for wanting the article undeleted. Click save, return to this page, and place {{RuneScape:Requests for undeletion/Name of article nominated for undeletion}} at the bottom of this page, switching out the Name of article nominated for undeletion with the name of the article. If there were previous nominations for deletion or undeletion, please link to the respective pages of the nominations.

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Pages listed for undeletion

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